“That which does not kill us makes us Stronger.” Sometimes when I hear this phrase I want to slap that German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche upside his head! He obviously had never suffered the desperation and feeling of rejection that men endure when women decide the man is unworthy of her attentions. There are many reasons why women reject men, and it is definitely within their right to do so, however it is often the method or delivery of that rejection that can completely destroy the little bit of self-esteem that men possess when it comes to courting the fairer sex.


Why women reject men? Well, often it’s because they feel they can do better. Often it’s because the men do not have jobs that can keep them in a style they believe they deserve. However, those men that have the courage to describe most women in general will most likely just shun away from the politically correct answers and say “Bitches be Crazy!” Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but rejection is simply a sign that something is not right, either with the men, the women or just an overall lack of chemistry. People need to be mutually attracted to one another, and that is why God invented dating.

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Rejection does not always appear as an easily recognizable situation, it can take the form of some very subtle gestures or comments. Not returning phone calls or placing distance between the two of you in social situations are two very common signs of rejection. Those brave men with courage and possibly very little dignity can reverse rejection, however this usually involves some groveling, weeping and very expensive gifts. But if you have to go through that much effort, perhaps the rejection is a good thing in the long term.


Haven’t we learned our lessons from reality television shows such as the Bachelorette and others? The most accurate reason of why women reject men is because they can! Self-esteem be damned, men try so hard to impress women that it’s almost like a full-time job. The more attractive the woman, the more likely it is that she will shun people she deems less desirable. Okay, this is not the case for all women but in every women there is just a little bit of diva dying to get out. There are some enhancers that men have that can take a seemingly ordinary guy and make him seem like Brad Pitt to many women.


So if we toss money and looks aside, what are those little characteristics that can make an attractive woman fall for the average Joe? Believe it or not, humor is a huge attraction enhancer. An average guy that can make a beautiful woman laugh is in demand, especially if that woman is successful in her own right and does not need a man to take care of her. In many instances like this a man seems to see through the veil of beauty and can a woman’s soul, and he just knows how to make her feel happy and secure. How many points is that worth on the attractiveness scale from 1-10?


Many men never get the chance to show another side of themselves as most women go into rejection mode before the first words are ever spoken, this is just the way things are. But for those men who have the courage to persevere and get the girl of their dreams to notice them, well, let’s just say that life can be better than they ever imagined!

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