It’s probably not a statement that someone might want to admit to, considering the fact that us women are considered to be more emotional than men but by accepting the facts for what they truly are is even more mind blowing.
And of course age must be taken in consideration as well however…

Love and money

Money can buy LOVE!”
Love is all about the chemical processes that happens in the brain, as everyone has already been enlightened to. One thing is to understand and assimilate that info, however it’s a separate matter altogether when applying that into practice.

join nowEmotions are a “tricky business”, stronger emotions, at a certain moment in time, always revert attention from the softer ones.
For instance if stress is overwhelming and constant it most certainly will cloud the emotion of love, for one. What causes stress, well that goes without saying “to each their own”, perhaps it’s work related, financial un-stableness, social issues, whatever it may be, it will affect one’s way of perceiving and evaluating the most important matters in life.
Add comfort, lower the stress levels, voila, there is space for “LOVE”

money can buy you love

Now, let’s proceed on that note. Comfort, money can bring comfort, obviously if managed the right way. Being able to juggle and having something to “juggle” with and left with a little bit extra is marvelous. Even the latest best seller “50 shades of grey” where the fact of money buying love was one of the main ideas, aside from the obvious one. Real life cases of successful women “hunting” for their “True Love” or “Love Stories” can relate to this as well. The comfort that the money brought into their lives have eased their mind and made the emotional side more active and susceptible to love.

Money doesn’t buy love in the true sense of the word, however the comfort and ease of mind that it brings will pave the way to love.  It’s easier to fall for someone with money than without and if that’s possible why not just go all the way and indulge yourself. We live just one life! Yes, I’m quite familiar with the term “Love at first sight!” which isn’t always with the “right” one but that’s the problem right there, once the “Love Curtain” fades and the financial situation isn’t stable it most certainly will affect that relationship and a break up would most likely be inevitable.

Money leads to financial security which in turns leads to independence which leads to love, yes “Money buys Love” !

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