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Where does a single woman go in order to meet men? Not just men, but good, classy men that will potentially be future boyfriends and perhaps turn out to be husbands. Although nowadays, finding these types of eligible men are becoming a rare commodity. So what do those single ladies do? Well, they can wish they could meet Prince Charming, or wait and wait until the right gentleman appears, or be proactive, go out and find one yourself! You can check out the best places to meet these eligible men to see if they might be there. But, where do you go, what do you do, how do you do it?

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While there is no one best place to look, you have to start somewhere, and before you do that, know what you are looking for. This article is not about flirting or hook ups, but about finding the correct place that will attract the type of men you are looking for, that is, eligible potential mates with similar interests, morals, and ideas. So where are these men and places to be found? The answer is.. anywhere! These places do not have to be few and far between. They can be right under your nose. The thing is, you have to try.

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But first try to narrow down your search criteria by eliminating those places which you feel are not worth trying. For example, a single lady, one who doesn’t like exercise or sports, shouldn’t try hanging out at the gym, nor a lady who likes to read, go looking in a library to meet gentlemen. Not to say these won’t work, but it is more likely that she will meet someone of similar interests if she tries places that she has interest in. But again, love and attraction can happen anywhere.

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First try those places that you are familiar with. These places could include your office, talking with co-workers, business conferences, your friends. Even volunteering in your local community has the potential for finding a classy gentleman. While there are many single women out there, who would love to meet an eligible bachelor, they work and have little time to search for Mr. Right. In this instance, they have two choices to make if they sincerely want to meet a classy guy. She can hire a professional matchmaker to find someone for her based on criteria she gives, or, go online to one of the classier online dating sites which reside on the Internet.

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Online dating has become, without doubt, one of the best places to find that special guy, for you do it on your time, in the privacy of your home, under no pressure, and knowing that this is a online congregation of people seeking the same thing as you, and all in one spot, ie, on that particular website. Online dating can be your one stop shop for finding that potential man of your dreams. Here, you search online by your specific set of criteria. Here, you will find a greater selection of men that more likely will suit your wants and needs. These are men that you want to meet because by reading their profile, you know something about them, and whether they should be pursued by you or to just move on to the next profile.

While there is no guaranty as to whether you will meet Mr. Right, or of the best place in which to find him, remember, when all else fails, there always is the local bar! Don’t laugh, but that has proven to be a good source for finding guys for a long, long time.

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