Choices.  These are the things that can either make something a great success or something that you may spend a long time shaking your head and wondering what you were thinking. When it comes to dating and relationships some of these choices were made without really thinking and you later wished you had some clue of what choice to make. Well, we can’t help you with any past decisions but we can offer a few tips to help you identify if the person you are considering spending some time with is really worth the effort.

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Many people keep making the wrong choices time and time again without realizing that the characteristics of the type of person you always choose are eerily similar.  Usually we know this but still hold out hope that this person will change, why should we hope for a change when we can find the right fit now? Physical attributes are not part of the following tips as they are for a completely different conversation. So, rather than looking at the qualities of the people that are wrong for you, let’s identify some of the traits of those who show definite signs of a promising relationship!

One of the key signs of someone who is good relationship material is if they are financially responsible. If their phone is constantly ringing with bill collectors trying to collect a debt the chances of them being irresponsible in other parts of their life is pretty high as well. Anyone can fall on some difficult times but how they deal with it can show a lot about their character.

Another key indication of their character is how they react to situations and people that are different from them? Those that are tolerant of other lifestyles or races and don’t openly mock and put down those that are not like them are generally open-minded about many things including choices that you may make in your life at some point.

Being open-minded is also a great quality and an excellent sign of a promising relationship as in most relationships some conflict or difference of opinion is sure to arise. Being open to discuss other points of view is important in any lasting relationship.

Yours is not the only opinion that counts when looking for those key signs of a good relationship. If your friends and family seem to like the person you are interested in, it is a good indication that the qualities that this person displays are real and noticeable. People tend to want to be around other good people and if friends enjoy their company it is certain they will have no problems inviting you as a couple to any parties or events that your inner circle attends.

Religion is often a tricky subject when it comes to relationships. Although different views on religion are not always deal breakers, it is usually much easier when the two people share similar faiths. But Even if this isn’t the case be open and tolerant of another’s beliefs is a good sign that two people have a stronger path to a good relationship.

If the person you are involved with is divorced or has children from a previous relationship the way he or she deals with that can definitely give you a good idea how they deal with unanticipated consequences. Taking responsibility is an excellent sign that they will take your relationship seriously as well.

Finding the right person for you is not always easy, it’s kind of like looking for a custom fit in an off the world. But, if you just keep your eyes and ears open and notice the things that are important you should be able to find a relationship that is just perfect for you.

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