Buttercup, Sunshine, Snookum’s or even My Sweet Petunia, bleh! It’s almost enough to make a guy turn in his man card! Yet, these are just a few of the affectionate nicknames we have grown accustomed to on television, especially for those of us who still enjoy a good cartoon every now and then. It’s not unusual for couples to have sexy pet names for each other and many people actually find these romantic nicknames a sign of genuine love and affection.

A loving nickname is not a bad thing, but when it is overused and especially overdone in public it can get downright annoying. The thing about romantic nicknames is that they can be a double-edged sword.  They can be a true indication of exceptional relationships or they can be a snarky dig used to infuriate a person’s partner. The manner and tone of how sexy pet names are said can communicate a great deal about the strength and probable future of the relationship.

Affectionate lovers seem to have secret languages that only they can understand. What may seem like a normal conversation to some may have hidden meanings or innuendo that can have unique connotations to those involved in the relationship. Saying “I love you” with your teeth clenched and words forced from your mouth is quite different from a loving nickname that flows with ease at an appropriate and tender moment.  Affectionate lovers seem to have affectionate nicknames that just seem to fit them.

It must be mentioned that even the toughest of men and women can be reduced to blabbering morons when addressed by their partner using one of the sexy pet names reserved especially for them. But if you have reached the stage in a relationship where romantic nicknames are being used, there is a good chance neither party will care by what name they are being called as all they will be hearing are trumpets blaring and cupid’s wings fluttering as all we be wonderful in their universe.

The secret languages that lovers use do not necessarily need to be in the spoken word, body language may also play a great part in relationships, but for some reason romantic nicknames seem to have a special place among the most affectionate of lovers.  Think about when you were young and your mother called you by that certain name that only she could use. It made you feel warm and loved.  Well, that same feeling of love and warmth is conveyed when your partner chooses a loving nickname especially for you. Should anyone else use that name it would not have nearly the same effect.

So, when you hear a couple having a conversation and using sexy pet names for one another you really shouldn’t be thinking about how revolting it sounds or that it’s so sweet it could kill a diabetic.  What you really should be thinking is why are they so much in love and I’m sitting here listening to someone else enjoy life. Instead of listening from the sidelines, go out and throw caution to the wind and let your feelings flow like the morning tide, you may be very surprised at what that tide brings in, and who knows maybe someday soon someone will be calling you Buttercup too!


Writer and consultant for Sugardaddie.com