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For those engaged in the Sugar baby lifestyle or pretty much any type of sugar relationship with rich older men there are a few specific questions you need to ask yourself both before you begin and during this life experience. What type of mutual exchange is comfortable should be at the top your list? Remember, a potential sugar daddy can easily buy you a new car, but he will expect something in return.

Traditional relationships such as those you see in your everyday life are possible and a potential Sugar daddy can indeed become a fantastic boyfriend, however even though some sugar relationships can have the real relationship feel to them, these are uncommon in the Sugar Baby lifestyle. This is not to say that a true emotional commitment isn’t involved, it is just that these types of commitments should not be thought of as happily ever after, as they are more often than not short term, and usually last from a only few months to just a few years.

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The typical individual in the Sugar baby lifestyle is an educated young woman who has set out a series of goals that she wants to accomplish. Sometimes with the help of rich older men the sugar relationships will provide just the right resources and life experience for her to achieve those goals. Typically, any sugar baby advice for a future sugar baby is meaningless as most already have a preconceived notion on how life is going to be for them with their rich older men as sugar daddies. Life in the fast lane is often much different than these potential babies realize.

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One key piece of sugar baby advice for those actively engaged in the sugar baby lifestyle is to always have an exit strategy. You may hope for the best but life experience has probably shown you that although it may have a real relationship feel, it is still an arrangement. Whatever the mutual exchange is for your time and energy, you must be certain that whenever this arrangement ends you come out of it with something that is beneficial to you. Whether it is a new car or a bigger bank account, or even new contacts that will assist you in your quest for an upscale lifestyle on your own terms. Having a plan is a must for any educated woman involved in all sugar relationships.

The sugar baby lifestyle is based on taking the best components of traditional relationships without the expectations of a lifelong commitment. You may find that fantastic boyfriend in some rich older men but you should not count on this, but instead experience the ride and enjoy a lifestyle that would not ordinarily be attainable on your own. What kind of Sugar baby advice is more important? Well, that is completely up to you. You need to ask yourself specific questions about what it is you are seeking and how long you are willing to stay in a sugar relationship to achieve those goals.

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The most common problem for potential babies is they have no end game and just keep rolling with the flow as if it were a traditional relationship with some fantastic boyfriend. Then as quickly as it started, it can all end. When looking for a potential Sugar Daddy, you need to know his mindset as well, or you may one day find yourself replaced with a younger, prettier Sugar Baby. If an emotional commitment is developed, make sure it is shared and not just a product of wishful thinking.

Finally, there is really nothing wrong with hoping your Sugar Baby lifestyle can turn into a traditional relationship with all that goes with it, but until there is a ring on the finger and a pre-nuptial agreement on file that you can live with, the best piece of Sugar Baby advice is pretty much the same as the Boy Scouts motto…”Be Prepared.”

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