How to pick up women on your commute to work:

I was in a dry spell when it comes to meeting women, all my usual hot spots had not been paying off and I was giving some serious thought as to where to meet women besides bars and clubs.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks while on my way to work. Commuting to work on the subway sucks. I wish there were a better way to phrase this but when you just come right down to it, commuting really does suck. Endless lines of people silently staring into space and trying not to be noticed as they continue through their daily existence. Well, I thought it was time to shake it up a bit. It was bad enough that I had to go through this just to get to a job I really wasn’t all that fond of, but I’m a people person and here I had the ultimate captive audience!

I’m not the most suave guy in the world, or probably the room either, but I do have a habit of talking to pretty much anyone I meet. I mean its fun to get into conversations with people for no apparent reason and you never know whom you might meet, and you may even make a new friend. I was scanning the subway car I was riding in just to see what the regulars were up to when I saw a young woman in her late 20’s struggling with a package, while trying to hang onto the pole that kept her from falling over. It kind of bothered me that a young guy that was seated right in front of her and made no attempt to be chivalrous and give up his seat. I decided that this was as good a time as any to make my move.

The subway can be somewhat of a challenge for picking up women. It may take some special skills to accomplish this, as there are both  positives and negatives for this type of action. Remember, your on a moving train, people are being jostled around and noise could be a factor if you actually make it to the point where you have a conversation. Your advantage comes in the fact that she really has nowhere to go once you make your move. You are in an enclosed subway car careening down the tracks, so you basically have her cornered till at least the next stop, longer if she is late for work.

Now for the important stuff, depending upon your approach you will be thought of either as a normal guy also on his way somewhere, just engaging in some pleasant conversation to pass the time, or you will be though of as a stalker. If you are perceived as the stalker remember she has nowhere to run and a cornered animal can be very dangerous. Assess the situation quickly and make a hasty retreat if its obvious your are mere seconds away from a swift kick to the groin.

I sauntered up to the hanging strap just to the left of this woman and looked off in the opposite direction for a short while, waiting for my opportunity. It came just a minute or so later when a sharp curve in the tracks caused everyone in the train lose balance. Did I mention from riding this train everyday I new that this was inevitable and positioned myself perfectly to stop her fall and play the hero.

Once a woman falls into your arms, its very hard for her to not talk to you once you start the conversation. The initial opening line here is very important, too harsh and you’re  a weirdo, too soft and it goes unnoticed or perhaps she just smiles.  “If had a dollar for every time a woman throws herself into my arms on this train I’d have well…. A dollar” was my opening remark; it may not sound like much but it was all that was needed, she smiled back and thanked me and the conversation began.

I always say the key to meeting people during the commute to, or from work, is properly reading peoples reactions, not only to your approach but to the entire environment as well. Someone who has had a really bad day at work may react very differently than someone who may have just gotten a raise or promotion. With practice you can readily spot  who is approachable and who should be given a wide birth. Make sure to have a pen or your smart phone handy as you need to be able to jot down a number quickly as you never know which station she exits. It would be a shame to get through all this only to lose her when the doors open.

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