By now you should know that there are numerous reasons why online dating websites are a good thing, and only one major reason why they can be a disappointment – liars and scammers.

These vermin-type users in the world of online dating are lurking behind every corner on almost every dating website, including sugar dating, so it’s no wonder you are seeking useful ways to tell if someone is lying to you on your dating website of choice.

Although the best way to recognize a liar online is to trust your gut, we at wanted to show you how to tell if someone is lying online in these 5 easy steps!

The Answer May Be Hidden In His/Her Profile Photo

Although you can probably decide if someone is attractive to you by taking a quick look at their photos, we suggest you spend a bit more time on their profile pics. Online dating website users who tend to lie usually have a fishy profile photo(s), and this is where a quick research should come into play.

In order to be sure the person you are communicating with is indeed who they present themselves to be, you should pay close attention to the following:

  • Blurry photos
  • The person is at a distance and it is hard to make out their appearance
  • There’s only one photo of that person
  • The setting of their photo doesn’t match the info you already have on them
  • They use a really old photo of themselves…

Basically, anything even remotely suspicious should alarm you, especially if the person you’re talking to claims one thing, but their photo shows significantly different features. Also, you can always perform a search Google for this photo option in your browser, and if you realize the photo he or she is using as a profile picture has been downloaded from the internet, we recommend you end any further contact with that person.

  • Their Stories Are Too Good To Be True

If the stories he or she is telling you about their life seem a bit out of this world, it is probably because they simply ARE too good to be true. People tend to use social networks and dating sites to show themselves in a much better light than they actually are, we all do it to some extent, but some people really like to take things too far.

Some even create completely new, fake identities in order to stalk people, scam them or in an attempt to live out their darkest fantasies.

  • Pay Attention To Their Profile Description/About Section

Most dating site users omit reading this section carefully and taking into account that profile description can actually give someone away. If you are communicating with a person online and you suspect they are lying about certain aspects of their life, go through their about section and personal details and try to find discrepancies between what they told you during chatting session and the info they provided there. Liars tend to be sloppy when it comes to keeping track of their “stories.”

Things to pay attention to:

  • How many different jobs they say they’ve had so far.  
  • Were they too busy to talk to you the other day because he/she had to go to a birthday party or because they were too swamped with work?
  • What are his or her hobbies?  
  • Do they play an instrument? Which one? For how long?
  • They Refuse To Meet Face-To-Face

Most social experts claim that people who are genuinely interested in you need only a few online chatting sessions before they agree to meet in public. If the person you are talking to is constantly refusing to meet up and uses lame excuses to postpone a real-life date, you might be dealing with a liar or an online dating scammer.

  • He/She Uses Distant Language and Leaves Unanswered Questions

In online communication, constantly omitting personal pronouns and references can be a huge red flag, while changing the subject the moment you ask sensitive questions is an even bigger one. Make sure you pay close attention to these things the next time you chat.

Should you come across at least one of the abovementioned signs on how to tell if someone is lying online, we recommend you investigate further and/or cut any communication with that user.

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