“You and me
Let it be
We are one
It is done!”

Now that the spell that bounds you to this blog has been cast we can proceed.

The secret to any spell is the belief that it will have the desired effect, focusing the energy, thought towards a certain someone that you have strong emotions for. Modern women, use different ways to mesmerize the object of their desires, and it isn’t necessarily witchcraft or voodoo.
Pheromone infused perfumes, sexy lingerie, high heels, sensual gestures, a different way of casting spells. Knowing the secrets of seduction is, in itself, the magic spell of our century. Playing the romantic game the right way, and leading him or her into your “web”. Knowing how to puzzle the senses, so that they play in your favor is magic and be patient as there will be setbacks, unless you have a genie to do your bidding.

However if casting spells is the way you wish to follow, having the right mindset would not be the only requirement, it’s the date, the place, and the collection of certain items. There are certain steps to be followed for the spell to work: Preparation of oneself mind and body; Focusing on the resolve;  Channel creation; Raising, Directing and Releasing of that Energy. Timing does play a  big part  when casting spells. The phase of the moon can be added for extra binding energy. The binding spells are most effective if cast any time between three days after the new moon and the full moon respectively. It is also advisable to cast love spells on Fridays, since it is the day influenced the most by the planet Venus. It is also wise to work in accordance with the zodiac sign of the object of your desires.

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In certain Eastern European countries it is believed for the veil between the living realm and that of the spirit’s to become thinner on the Saint Andrei’s Day (the night of November 29th), that it allowed young ladies to eavesdrop into the future and to find their loved ones, or even their future husbands. For instance an old love binding ritual performed by single ladies in the hopes of making a guy fall in love with them was “The pitcher incantation”. At the midnight, she would place a brand new clay pitcher by the fireside, then she’d collect three heated coals and place them on the back of the turned upside down pitcher. Then while slowly turning the pitcher to its upright position she would recite the name of her infatuation. It is believed that this ritual made him fall in love with her. Another ritual required the use of well water. You weren’t allowed to say a word when around that water until you’d place a single lady’s wedding ring into the bowl, if you were to look closely into that bowl of water you’d be able to see your future husband’s face.

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There are certain spells that don’t require objects, just the belief, these spells can be cast just by repeating the following incantation:
“Brilliant Moon, At this hour
I call upon your magic power
Give to me the love I seek
As I will it so mote it be.”

There is no love without gifts. The “shower me with gifts and give me money” spell will make your significant other realize his desire to provide for you and to spoil you like no other, that will certainly make you feel like the queen that you are. Even believing in destiny is magic, what is meant to happen, will happen, so if it is meant for you to fall in love today or 10 years from now, don’t be surprised if there were no special magical powers involved, other than your own.





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