The REAL Reason You’re Still Single.


Despite what people tell you about the real reason you’re still single, it actually has very little to do with the fact that your body odor can make an onion cry or that you’ve gained so much weight that your new belt size is “equator.” A single woman in today’s society is usually single because she either hasn’t found the right man for her yet, or she prefers it this way. Contrary to what our grandmothers have told us all our lives, we can actually have an amazing life without being a married woman!

However, and you know there is always going to be a however thrown in here somewhere along the line, if you ask yourself “why am I still single” the real answer might not be anything you really enjoy thinking about. Many women just do not want to take the emotional risks that are associated with a relationship and the lasting intimacy that goes along with it.
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In every relationship there is the potential for rejection, it basically comes with the territory. It would seem that to have a positive dating life you need to open yourself up to these emotional risks. You can certainly have some meaningful bonding with very close friends, but you never have to worry about what comes after the honeymoon stage of a relationship ends, as friends will more than likely stay friends.

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The most confident women can often shroud themselves in the constant exclaiming of what an incredibly amazing life they have and how they are never in fear of potential rejection because in their eyes what crazy man would ever not want them. This type of single woman rarely engages in any sort of meaningful bonding as it may put a damper on her career goals and aspirations. But it seems that all the complaining and nitpicking goes right out the window when they meet the right man for them. Attitudes often seem to change when their status changes from single woman to married woman.

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If you are really starting to ask yourself “why am I still single” and becoming very concerned why you don’t have an answer, consider asking your close friends, as they may have an objective point of view that you can’t see. But be warned, only ask individuals with a positive dating life as those whose dating habits seem more like a television soap opera than a fully functional and good relationship may lead you into a very dark and lonely place. Nah, just kidding, but why take advice from someone who is in worse shape than you!

Whether it’s your resolve in waiting for the right man to come along and rock your world or your overwhelming and probable irrational fear of a potential rejection, you must eventually come to realize that any lasting intimacy comes with its own set of emotional risks. A confident single woman will understand that to have an amazing life she will have to endure some bumps along the road to a positive dating life and eternal bliss. The use of DNA evidence in tracking down those who may have recently felt the need to dispose of a body has made it far more difficult for a single woman to correct bad choices, and must now be guided by common sense as well as emotions. So when it comes down to it, the real reason you’re still single is very simple, you choose to be.

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