To answer that question, both the male and female must realize what their goals are. For example, is it to be a long term relationship, a fling, an arrangement? These are variables involved. Do you react through one’s genitalia or take the time to experience real love? It’s not always easy to decide about Love and Chemistry, and which one counts more?

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Love can be and is a most powerful feeling as it is intense, and full of passion and caring for the other person. For when you are lucky enough to be in love, you always desire the other. And when you’re not together, your mind is thinking about being together and without them your life feels quite lacking and incomplete. Love is expressed as an action but is experienced as a feeling.

Generally speaking, being in love is characterized mostly as a gut feeling unlike two people sharing a bond for the long haul. That is to say more enduring over time. It is not jealous, it is not cruel. It endures that is what love does. Love or chemistry can be expressed similarly but are vastly different.


People talk about “being in love”. That is a fantastic feeling to be a part of. The best kind of love is “love at first sight” which is a good indicator to predict a long term relationship which will be a happy one. While some couples fall in love instantly, and get married, and it works out well, these are actually the lucky ones. These love at first sight couples work out most likely because they have enough things in common that are needed to stand the test of time.

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Chemistry, on the other hand, is sexual lust! It is that desire or craving that releases sexual chemicals like estrogen of the female and testosterone in the male in our bodies. Chemistry can be very intense between two people, but unfortunately, it is usually short lived. This is why trying to decide about whether Love or Chemistry counts more in a relationship.

Chemistry is so powerful and absorbing, that when it does occur, all logic and thinking goes out the door! So how do you know if there is chemistry at play? There actually are “symptoms” to comprehend.
In having good chemistry with someone, there is arousal both sexually, psychologically, romantically and physically. Among the physical reactions to having good chemistry are your heart beating faster, a slight increase in blood pressure, actual physiologic symptoms. The man gets an erection while the woman gets wet. There is the sensation of feeling “weak in the knees”, a deep longing for the other person and a fulfilling smile when that other person comes to mind.

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Chemistry can “blind” one or both people, and is the reason that the expression “love is blind” exists. That is especially true in what is called “romantic chemistry which, if not caught early, can be very destructive and self-destructive. People that connect strictly through “chemistry” turn a blind eye to reality. It makes ordinarily “normal” people not see warning or danger signs that is existing in the relationship.

So it is up to you to decide whether Love or Chemistry counts more and which you prefer at a particular stage of your life and relationship.

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