i love you

Gone are the days of carving the initials of you and that special on a tree inside a heart, as the environmentalists will be tracking you down to throw you in jail. Painting your feelings on a bridge over a highway that your love passes through everyday will be called defacing public property and categorized as just another bit of graffiti that will cost the city money to clean. Gone also are the days in grade school when you could leave messages in chalk on the sidewalk to express your feelings while praying a sudden cloudburst doesn’t wash your words down the drain along with your heart. As beautiful as these expressions of love can be, they have been replaced by gizmos and gadgets as the age of technology has given those of all ages to profess their love..

The great thing about declaring your love for someone in the age of technology is that it need not be done publicly any longer. Where once your words and innermost feelings were subject to the eyes of the world, methods such as email and mobile phones have made those who want to scream their adoration from the top of a hill can now do it in the privacy of their home via the Internet and WiFi. Remember the movie “you’ve got mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? They carried on a friendship/affair for some time before even realizing whom they were conversing with. A quick text to that special someone’s cell phone with just the right phrase can go as far as sending a bouquet of flowers, and be a whole lot cheaper. If you want to get a bit more involved and drag out the courtship a bit you can create a free yet discreet email address online and send a series of emails aimed at capturing the heart of a special someone. Its important to not that if you go a bit too far it can have a negative effect and seem like you are cyber stalking. For this reason, be intuitive enough to determine whether your actions are having the desired effect, and if not, cease this operation immediately and try something else.

If you have a laptop and are often seen seated at a local Starbucks or some other bistro type area where others congregate to do a bit of work, read or merely socialize and listen to a little music, you have an opportunity to send messages via email by utilizing the Wireless Internet that these type of establishments offer in order to draw in tech savvy customers. What’s fun about texting or emailing from your laptop is that you can be in the general vicinity of the other person when you send it and there is a good chance you can gauge their reaction to your message. Its great fun to see the expression on their face when they read what you have sent. If your are not in a WiFi enabled area but still want to get a bit creative you can always purchase a cheap set of walkie-talkies and have a waiter or friend drop it off on their table. It should be a lot of fun watching as your voice comes over the airwaves and requests they pick up the device. With a pair of binoculars and depending on the range of the walkie-talkies you can drive someone mad as they try to figure out who is talking to them and from where!

Writer and consultant for Sugardaddie.com