Sugar daddy – Sugar Baby arrangement is a type of relationship in which sugar daddy (typically an older gentleman positioned fairly high on a social ladder) offers money, gifts and/or financial security to a younger (usually very attractive) female person, in return for physical relationship and companionship.

This type of arrangement has been losing its stigmatic status over the last couple of decades and the pop culture has done its fair share of demystifying and glamorizing what was once a serious taboo. Today we even have TV series and reality shows that portray this type of relationship (along with the sugar daddy syndrome) as a normal, socially appropriate occurrence within which both sides get what they want and there are ultimately no losers. A sugar baby gets the wealthy and extravagant life she always wanted: cars, jewelry, trips, homes, tuition; while the sugar daddy gets his end of the bargain. It is indeed a win-win scenario.

Now, although this type of relationship was once frowned upon, today it is the ladies who are usually initiating this kind of arrangement in the first place. They have cultivated this way of living and their sugar daddy taste so much that it is slowly but surely ceasing to be all about the money. The notion that men are those who always seek young and attractive girls has turned into a common misconception. Nowadays, it is the sugar babies who are usually initiating this hunt for successful older men.

So, let’s see what are the possible causes for  the sugar daddy syndrome:

Having An Older Boyfriend Makes You Cool

Most parents think that older men are to blame and people tend to accuse these men of manipulating and deceiving future sugar babies with their money and their power. But this is never the whole picture. The truth is girls and women have always been attracted to older men who have their lives figured out and know their way around money.

Girls mature faster than boys, and being able to “score” an older boyfriend has been perceived as a status symbol, especially among teenagers and older adolescents. A girl who has an older boyfriend appears more mature and more powerful in the eyes of her peers. They start seeing her as someone who managed to enter the grown-up world before them, which is always the coolest thing a young person can do.

The “Peter Pan Syndrome” As The Cause

Another huge reason why modern girls are drawn to older men is because most guys their age have what is called The “Peter Pan Syndrome.” The men with this syndrome are those who refuse to grow up and are stuck (for whatever reason) in a form of adolescent limbo from which they can’t seem to get out. These men are usually in their 20s and are typically foolish persons who:

  • don’t know what they want to do with their lives,
  • can’t seem to find or hold a job,
  • live with their parents or roommates,
  • don’t do anything other than the things THEY want to do, like playing video games, going to the gym, watching sports…

This, you’ll agree, is not exactly too attractive in the eyes of young, attractive and aspiring women, which is why they are forced to find maturity and financial stability elsewhere.

All in all, our point is – being a sugar baby isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with being able to become successful and climb the social ladder, one way or the other.

If you are a successful gentleman looking for a sugar baby, or you are an attractive young lady looking for a sugar daddy, we at help you find exactly what you want, so we can together bust all the negative myths around the sugar daddy syndrome.

Traditional dating has seen better days. We at know this better than most. Why? Because we have over 5 million members and the numbers just keep going up, which means only one thing – Sugar Dating is slowly but surely taking over the dating scene.

Although traditional dating is still the main option for most folks around the globe, its downfalls are many and it seems like people are beginning to see all the benefits Sugar Dating can offer. In the match between Sugar Dating vs Traditional Dating, we simply have to admit the former comes out the victor.

Let’s see why.

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Being a Sugar Baby is easy and all about “looking hot,” right? Wrong. It is a common misconception to think that Sugar Babies’ only job is to be sexy and do whatever her Sugar Daddy tells her to. But the reality is more complicated than that.

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It is a common misconception to think that a Sugar Baby and Gold Digger are similar or even the same. This ever-so-present “Sugar Baby vs Gold Digger” battle has been raging for decades now, which is why we at would like to go ahead and address this annoying issue from an objective point of view.

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Sugar babies share a special connection with their sugar daddies, especially those who are in a serious, long-term arrangement that has been going on for a while. This is why any sugar baby expects a nice, expensive and thoughtful gift every once in a while, and you – her admired sugar daddy – must live up to the expectations.

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hot girl by the pool

Despite claims on the news channels that the economy is doing much better there are still large portions of the population that are struggling to pay their bills. Whether it be their weekly grocery bill, a car payment, cell phone bill or paying for college tuition, there are many that are struggling to make ends meet. However, some enterprising young women have taken to a different kind of method to ensuring their bills are paid, these women are often known as Sugar babies.

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Sugar baby at the spa

For those engaged in the Sugar baby lifestyle or pretty much any type of sugar relationship with rich older men there are a few specific questions you need to ask yourself both before you begin and during this life experience. What type of mutual exchange is comfortable should be at the top your list? Remember, a potential sugar daddy can easily buy you a new car, but he will expect something in return.

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seeking sugar baby

As it really just requires putting in a little bit of time and effort to create a profile on one of the better sugar daddy themed dating sites.

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The answer to this question is…Absolutely!

But the answer comes with certain caveats. For the most part, a sugar daddy is an affluent older man looking to be seen with and date gorgeous younger females as eye and arm candy in return for being given a more lavish lifestyle. To be spoiled, so to speak. She knows her worth, and doesn’t mind the age disparity, for then both get what they want.

married sugar babe

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What is an arrangement; sugar babies can be college students looking for help to pay with college or rent;

Sugar baby; sugarbabies; sugarbaby The dictionary loosely defines an arrangement as a type of informal agreement, but when it takes place between a Sugar Baby and an affluent man it can be so much more. When discussing the intricacies of Sugar Babies seeking arrangement with upscale and wealthy men we really need to fully understand exactly what is an arrangement and what is expected from the sugarbaby and the Sugar daddy.

college girls seeking arrangement

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