1. The first and most important tip on ways to meet wealthy men is quite obvious, you need to go to those places where wealthy men tend to hang out. That means forget about hanging out at your local dive bar and start spending time at those establishments that cater to a more upscale clientele.

 2. Understand that spending time at more upscale venues does not mean just going to posh bars and clubs. There are plenty of places that will put you in close proximity to wealthy men.  Art Galleries that frequently have parties are a great place and charitable events also bring out those with disposable income.

 3. Another way to meet wealthy men is to act like you belong in their world.  Don’t suck up to every person, place or thing that is discussed. Have your own opinions and learn how to properly articulate them. Nothing is sexier to a wealthy man than a woman who can take a stand and debate an issue.Join now SugarDaddie4. Where do you currently shop? The local flea markets or low end shopping malls are not the place if you want to meet wealthy men. Wealthy men tend to shop in the more upscale malls and shopping districts. If a mall has a TJ MAXX or Marshall’s as one of its anchor stores it’s a good bet that wealthy people would rather have a hot poker stuck in their eye than be seen shopping discount stores.  So a very important piece of advice on how to meet wealthy men is shop in those places that the rich and famous shop. You may not be able to make purchases at these stores but it would probably be a lot of fun trying things on. Who knows, maybe that rich guy looking at shirts is paying more attention to you!


5. Hanging out at your local gym is great if you are only trying to get in great shape physically, but if your ultimate goal is to meet wealthy men and change you direction in life than you might consider an investment in a membership at a luxury spa or resort. A luxury spa is more than a gym for wealthy people, it is a place where successful men congregate and network.  If you can become part of those conversations your road to financial growth and stability with someone who can afford to show you an upscale lifestyle has a much better chance of success.

6. One of the most overlooked ways to meet wealthy men is to get a job in an industry that caters to the upscale crowd. If you are working in a fast food joint the chances of meeting a man with a 6 figure income is a lot less than if you are employed at a high end boutique or any of the industries that require a great deal of education. By being in proximity to these wealthy individuals you have a good chance of being noticed. That is what all these dating tips to meet wealthy men are meant to do, get you noticed!

7. Our last bit of advice for meeting wealthy men is to join an upscale dating site that caters to those who live, or want to live an upscale lifestyle.  By using the effectiveness and efficiency of these dating sites you can meet a surprising number of wealthy men.

 Keeping and developing a relationship with wealthy men is about much more than getting into a physical relationship with them. They can get that pretty much at any socio-economic level, but to maintain such relationships you must continue to grow and move forward as a person. You need to stimulate both mentally as well as physically as any relationship requires development to be worthwhile to both individuals involved.

Remember that show on television in which the millionaire bachelor has to decide which of two dozen girls he would give a rose to at a special ceremony, and thus allow them to continue to compete for his affections? Well, although that show may have not had a great deal of reality to it (why they call it a ‘reality show’ I will never know!) the one thing that was quite real is the ratio of beautiful young girls trying to walk off with her very own millionaire bachelor.

snag a millionaire bachelor

A millionaire is not something that is readily available to all, and as such, the competition is tremendous. Just as the millionaire bachelor is at the pinnacle of the desired dating pool, those wishing to enter into a relationship with him must have a significant edge as well.

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Dating is not a spectator sport so it is correct to presume that an individual will get out of his or her experiences what they put into it. Those middle class individuals may not have the same goals or abilities as rich men dating another well to do individual, who also has above average means, and therefore may be looking for someone who currently shares a comparable lifestyle. The interesting combination occurs with the rich dating a person of significantly lesser means, who is then exposed to standard of living much greater then they have been accustomed to. Once a woman experiences this change in lifestyle it is extremely difficult to go back to a middle class existence.

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Ask typical single girls what they look for most often in a potential date and they will likely answer with one of the following things, “he has to be handsome and he should have a nice smile.” Other women will respond with something to the affect of “he should like animals and children”, while still others will resound “he should have money”. ‘Money’, what does money have to do with how attracted a woman may be to a man? Well in this day in age, a lot. Beautiful, single girls are attracted to wealthy men not only for the material things he may be able to offer, but also because wealthy men tend to be more confident and generally more outgoing. Wealthy men can give a single girl the option of staying in and watching a movie at home or traveling to a tropical getaway for the weekend. Unless she is specifically looking for wealthy men in her search, this is not something single girls are accustomed to stumbling across in the mainstream dating scene.

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Matchmaking is quite often described as a method of bringing individuals together for the intention of dating and hopefully entering into a long term relationship. This worked quite well in the movie “fiddler on the roof” and we all know that wonderful song with the axiom “matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match” but in that film there was another song that was even more poignant to our discussion, that being, “If I were a rich man!” Hence begins our discussion in the use of a millionaire matchmaker and the search to find a rich sugar daddy.

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