How far, is too far when talking PDA? Is PDA important in relationships? Whether “offline” or online, PDA has become more and more acceptable and common. It can be seen in every culture to the extent of acceptable social norms. Being highly subjective, it is affected by one’s background, upbringing, family views, peer influence, as well as one’s personal perception of right and wrong and one’s state of mind at that particular moment. Because PDA is a display of someone’s feelings it is also judged “with” and “by” feelings. In countries with more liberal views, PDA takes on a somewhat sexual note. “Get a room!”

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Online social networks are flooded with PDA’s. Emoji’s, images and kisses sent to one another, flood the internet turning the rest of us into unwilling spectators of this free spectacle. Some places are more accepting of PDA’s, places like airports, bus, train stations, basically places of arrivals or departures.  PDA and economic stability are interdependent, an increase in PDA indicates financial instability, subsequently a decrease indicates financial health. Economic disbalance or instability, affects the relationship by making it more vulnerable, immoderate PDA reassures the partners, with the “spectator’s” help. PDA is also an index of one’s relationship progression, usually the beginning of a relationship is marked by an excess of PDA, couples can’t simply keep their hands off of one another. Troubles in a relationship can also increase the PDA, being caused by couples seeking assurance in “spectator’s” eyes that everything is “alright” when the truth is far from it.

PDA has become more open and acceptable throughout the generations, it has evolved from a shy peck or an arm in arm walk to making out in most crowded places. The generations have become more free when indulging in PDA, but has the common sense been affected as well? Just think back in time when you were a child, you’d often get upset or shy when faced with your parents PDA, the first reaction was to turn away or to try and break it up, it seems that same feeling is triggered in adults. PDA is also perceived as a threat to one’s standards, it is somewhat perceived as an infection that will spread among people compelling for more couples to engage in PDA. Often highly emotional charged scenes will force some people to face the disturbing reality of one’s loneliness.

How much is too much when talking PDA?! It does depend on the surroundings, if you found yourselves in any other scene than the club scene then the limit should be guided by the amount of PDA you’d be comfortable with in front of your parents. Overboard PDA often reminds of standing at someone’s doorless bedroom. Not every couple engages in PDA as not everyone feels comfortable placing their most intimate moments on display, as well as not everyone feels the need of doing so either. To some a kiss or even a hug is more than that, it is an expression of dominance and possession, to others it is not even a romance but just showmance.

Brand new relationships, honeymooners, newlyweds tend to live in the moment, creating their own world, isolated from everyone else’s, a world seen by the “spectators” as something pleasant, as it indicates a beginning of a shared path. The feeling usually generated by a pleasant memory or fantasy or even hope. “Stolen” kisses , gentle caresses, tender hugs, arms wrapped around the waist, intertwined fingers, generate the romantic atmosphere that is most likely acceptable in most cultures, having on the opposite side the anti-romance, full on make-out sessions, hands wandering around the most intimate spots which will be perceived with disgust.

Whatever and however the PDA is seen it is first and foremost a hint of intimacy, a cultural phenomenon with limits.

Online dating is here to stay and is growing by leaps and bounds. It is no longer just for some occasional entertainment but for real people to make real life connections that may transform into long-term relationships and possibly even marriage. The bottom line is that online dating is probably the most effective method of meeting people to date.

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When men take keyboard and mouse in hand to meet the woman of their dreams there are a few things they need to know, the first is the woman they are chatting with are mostly likely very nervous about meeting a man they don’t actually know. When joining the ranks of the millions of other men who are online dating you need to take the time to let the woman you are interested in feel comfortable enough with you to meet in person. Here are some important things men need to know about successful online dating.

As we mentioned previously, take your time, asking a woman for personal information such as her phone number, address or where she works too soon are sure to get any woman with common sense very nervous. You have a method of contact with her through the dating site so use this until she feels comfortable with you. Don’t push for an in-person meeting, let it happen naturally.  It’s a process, online messages become phone calls and phone calls lead to in person meeting. Let it happen naturally and both of you will be more comfortable about meeting.

Describe yourself as you really are, not how you hope to be or what you think will get the other person to want you. One important thing that men need to know about online dating is that they are MEN! Women will be on guard. Tell the truth about what you look like and what type of career you may have. Lying is the easiest way to push the perfect person for you far out of reach. The truth will always come out, especially if you finally agree to meet and someone she has no idea about shows up.

This whole truth in advertising concept is especially important in the world of online dating yet many men (and women) feel the need to post pictures that are either not actually of them self or are many years old. You’ve lost some hair and gained a few pounds, big frick’n deal! Age and its effects are something that happens to everyone and if you ever plan to meet will become quite evident to the person you were trying to impress. How do you really think it is going to go when you show up looking nothing like your picture that you claimed was recent? Did you really expect that nice woman you were chatting with would overlook the fact that you lied? I really don’t think so. Post lots of pictures or your entire body and clear shots of your faces, include a few of your interests as well as adding some casual dressed and formal ones. This will give a clear portrait of who you really are.

So as your online and phone conversations begin to hint at a real life meeting make sure you offer suggestions that will make her feel at ease. What men need to know about online dating is that making the other person feel comfortable and safe is half the battle. You should be the one to suggest meeting in a very public well-lit place. You may even suggest she bring a friend along. All these little thing will make her feel excited about meeting you, not afraid. These little things will make the experience about getting to know one another, not getting out of there alive!

If you stop to think about it, dating is really kind of easy once you get through the initial fear or nervousness of actually asking someone out.  It’s quite often just sitting at a restaurant or some other venue talking and getting to know one another better. However, this whole concept of talking is lost on many people as words do come out of their mouths but what is said can often do more harm than good for any budding relationship. We are going to offer you some great advice on what topics should never be talked about on a date.

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  1. Any discussions about your ex should be completely and totally off limits, nothing good can come of it. Even if the person you are with asks you about your past relationship the best response is usually something like “sorry, but it’s something I just don’t like talking about.” Even the slightest hints about past relationships usually snowball into something more which usually ends up hurting a currently potential relationship.


  1. In today’s politically charged climate, discussions of politics are not meant to be part of the dating ritual. You should pretty well already know a bit about the person you are out with and if you are on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum than you may as well pay the check and bid a hasty retreat from wherever you are. It seems nobody can keep a civil tongue about politics lately so unless you thrive on arguing, let this topic pass.


  1. Talking about religion on a first or second date is usually not a great idea. If you had met at a church or temple function than you already know the depth of the other person’s beliefs and are probably on the same page as they are, however religion as a dating topic can turn ugly fast and you may not know how deep the other person’s faith runs or what their actual beliefs are. Steer clear of this topic unless it becomes necessary.


  1. Discussions of sex and sexual experience are another poor choice of topics for dating small talk as they often can portray you as something you are not, they can also make you seem a bit pervy or slutty. This can either turn your date off very quickly or make them think that the relationship can only exist on a physical level.


  1. Money or wealth are bad dating talk topics too. Talking about how much money you make makes you seem like you are an egotist and may come off as how you can buy whatever you need but may have no worthy personality to back it up. Talking about how little you earn may cause the other person to think that you can’t even pay your bills which could cause a great deal of stress in any pending romance.


Of course there are many other topics that should be off limits in the early stages of dating, which is why you need to take your time and get a good read on the other person. In just a short time you should be able to determine what topics are fair game and which should be off limits. Sometimes you both may be on the same page on some of these discussion topics in which case go for it! But in general, take your time and get to know the person slowly and save things for future dates. These dating and relationship topics for dates are not set in stone, just good ideas to make sure that you get to someone better before throwing caution to the wind.

Let’s be real for a second, not every person you meet online is going to rock your world and be the perfect person for you. But is every person that comes up to you in a night club or restaurant going to be the “the one”? Probably not, however the chances of you finding the perfect man for you are probably a lot better online than randomly running into that person in one of your favorite meeting places. Let’s look at some the best reasons that online dating works so well for women.

Our time and energy as well as finances are generally in short supply in this day and age so any method by which we can be efficient, effective and less expensive is usually a good place to begin. The rise of Internet dating has given women the chance to accomplish all of these things without having to leave the comfort and security of their own homes. Why spend so much time at night spots talking to men with whom you eventually realize that you have nothing in common with when you can target those with whom you may have serious relationship potential before you even begin a conversation?

Still not sure about the value of a good online dating site? Here are just a view of the best reasons to join a quality online dating site. The cast of characters for you to look at is enormous! You can read the profiles and look at the pictures of hundreds of men in just a few hours to find those you may be interested in. How much time and effort would you need to put in to do this in person? Also, you are no longer limited to merely your local area, you can browse the profiles of men from any locations you feel the urge to look at. Your choices are basically limitless.

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Let’s remember that as you are browsing the profiles of various men, they will be looking at your profile as well. This gives you the opportunity to describe yourself the way you see fit. If you feel your profile is not getting you the responses you had hoped for, you can just change it up in a few key strokes and try something new. Many women are a bit reluctant to talk about themselves in person but thanks to online dating profiles you can be as brave and outgoing as you desire without immediately having to do this face to face. This works well for those who may be shy or reluctant to make the first move in person.

What do you know about a person when you first meet them in the traditional way? You can see his appearance, his age and that’s pretty much it. As a member of an online dating site you can see what city he lives in, his age, religion, education and possibly a great many other elements of who that person is. Think about how much time this saves you in weeding out those you would normally take a great deal of time getting to know only to realize this is not the person for you. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to clear out some undesirables from your online activities as well, but you will be weeding out those that actually do have some of your desired criteria in a partner.

Online dating has certainly become the women’s choice when it comes to finding the right person for them. It is not only about the efficiency and effectiveness about meeting people online, it is also about the safety and security of getting to know someone before you have to encounter them face to face. By meeting such a higher volume of potential partners that are basically already pre-screened for the criteria you deem most important, your chances of meeting that perfect person is greatly increased. After all, isn’t meeting the right person for you what it’s really all about?



I’ve seen some people that can chat up a storm at any club or night spot yet fail miserably when trying to flirt with someone they met online. This is pretty puzzling as the same reasons that make a person successful in person are the ones that work best for flirting online, with the obvious exception of appearance. In both the online and in-person situations one of the most important things to understand is the concept of “feedback.” This is being able to take certain cues from the other person and then knowing how to respond. When responding to the other person’s messages you need to find a balance between being the suave or sophisticated bad boy and the shy or introverted nerd. Going too far in either direction can mean a short and unsuccessful chat session. Feedback, or reactions to your messages should allow you to find the proper balance for this particular situation.

So, now that you are armed with a computer, mouse and a lot of hope you are ready to navigate the wild world of flirting online and with any luck at all it may turn into something more. Here are some of the best tips for flirting online, just be yourself and remember that the other person does not have the benefit of seeing your body movement or gestures so keep that in mind when chatting.

One of the best tips for flirting online is to have fun! Meeting new people should make you smile but even more than that it should make the person you are flirting with smile too. Have fun and enjoy the moment. The key to all online flirting is to make both of you want to do it again! There are thousands of people who want to chat online so you need to be entertaining enough to make others want to flirt with you instead of the competition!

Now you have to figure out what it is about you that makes others enjoy your online company. Some people are just naturally funny while others radiate confidence. If you are happy, funny and confident chances are you have what it takes to be successful in the online dating game. After all, who wants to be with someone who has the personality of a turnip!

Having confidence does not give you a license to be a rude overbearing twit. Use common sense and pick up on cues that the other person sends out. If you are hoping for some more intimate banter then you better make sure the other person has hinted in some way that they are open to this as well. If you hear a lot of silence after attempts of driving the conversation in that direction with several people, it is a great indication you are doing something wrong and should change your strategies.

All the success you hope to have in flirting online depends upon one thing, how good you are at paying attention to what the other person says and offering appropriate feedback that makes that person feel that you really understand them and are genuinely interested about what they have to say.

Finally, if all went well, you have probably gotten some alternative means of contacting that person or at least an indication that they hope to hear from you again on whatever website the both of you frequent. Don’t be shy about sending that person an email at some point soon after expressing the fact that you enjoyed chatting with them and are looking forward to getting to know them better.

Take things at slow and steady pace and your evening of flirting online can turn into a lot more than either of you might have expected.

Asking someone to go on a date is sometimes tricky

Especially if you are not used to taking that small step. Most of the time its about being comfortable with a few things, rejection and the ability to go back and ask again. Unless you’re blessed with Paul Newman’s mid life looks or the charisma of Bruce Willis, you’re going to have to expect the occasional knock back.

A good way is to find some middle ground, get some insight into the other persons interests, and if you’re being genuine in your enthusiasm for what they are about, your body language will give off some excellent, positive signals. Women who tend to express their interest in a man give away certain signals in their body language, touching the neck is one and playing with their hair is another. For men, its genuine laughter and they will know want to know more about you.

Its important to be in touch with what’s happening beyond the words. To get a successful response to asking someone out on a date is often about knowing when the right time is to ask. You’ll hear of many other places and situations, where they say, timing is everything. Remember, in most situations, to get the outcome your looking for, you’ll probably get the one chance, so make sure you choose the moment to do it wisely.

Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

We all enjoy dwelling in our comfort zone where we feel safe and think that almost nothing can hurt us. But, the truth is – the real magic happens out of your comfort zone. Zappa once said “without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” This is especially true when it comes to our social literacy and the art of online dating.

But knowing how and when to tastefully approach the person you find attractive is important. The best advice normally comes from generations back. They’ve been down this road more than we have, and so the golden rule is to be your self. Smile, be confident and for men looking to date a woman, getting her to laugh will open the doors of possibility wider. So it is up to you to create one.

It is up to you to take a calculated leap of faith and dive in.

In order to do this, you need to test the waters first and slowly lead into topics that get conversation off of the ground. Interests are key, it’s important that the topic is about who you want to date. What they are interested in. Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, so be sure to show real interest. When you feel you’ve clicked and there’s chemistry between the two of you this maybe the time to suggest going out sometime.

Of course, since this is just the beginning of your re-directing of the conversation, make sure you don’t go too far during this phase. Instead, start with something light rather than immediately rolling into the any political opinions or discussion about how unwell you have been recently. Keep things upbeat and always show that you are paying attention to what is being talked about.  Showing interest is key, people are often flattered that want to know more.

Remember eye contact, people are able to read your eyes, and your intentions behind them. A small percentage of how you communicate comes from the words alone. Asking someone for a date is as easy or as complicated as you want to make it, but to take the clean, clear path will often flatter and attract because of confidence.

Transitioning To “The Good Stuff”

Stepping out of the comfort zone is part and parcel of asking someone out. It only becomes easier the more comfortable we become with doing it, and we only become more comfortable by doing it. Dating is an action-based activity, you’ve got to be part of that process to be able to do it successfully.

NOTE: As you’ve probably already noticed, we are approaching this topic neither from a male nor from a female perspective, but this article in the eyes of some may suggest its more on the male asking the woman out for a date. This would seemingly be correct as this is often how the activity goes. Some women will never ask, some will, but often its seen as the male role.

So, if the person you want to date is near you, be brave approach and say hi. Have a small idea of how you would like the conversation to go. Be prepared, be confident, be interested and most importantly, be yourself.

It is never easy to be on the receiving end of a breakup. Being the one who gets rejected is extremely tough and it can indeed take its toll, but we often forget that rejecting someone can also be excruciatingly hard.

Turning someone down is not an easy task. It can turn into an awkward and intense situation in an instant, while in some cases it can result in overly uncomfortable, even dangerous scenarios.

This is why you need to learn how to tell a guy you don’t like him in a gentle, mature and respectful way. Of course, there is no bulletproof way to do this and some feelings ought to be hurt, but if the man you are breaking up with is truly a good guy with whom you just haven’t clicked, it is always a good and polite idea to know how to reject a guy nicely and end things on friendly terms.

That being said, we at SugarDaddie wanted to give you a quick and effective guide on this rather tricky matter.

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Dating seems to get more difficult as we get older, while meeting that “special someone” may truly feel like mission impossible, especially for single people in their 40s. The dating game has changed a lot over the last couple of decades and it can rather be hard to keep up with all the new trends, which is why we at Sugar Daddie decided to give you 7 most essential dating rules after 40.  

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Attracting and dating a beta male isn’t exactly rocket science, but it isn’t that easy either. A successful beta male will never make things easy for you by coming over to meet you, tell you how hot you are and ask for your phone number. This is a job for a typical alpha male.

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First dates can be quite stressful. Even second and third ones can turn into ordeals if you don’t really know whether your date is actually into you or not. This is where reading your date’s body language comes in. Thanks to our sub-consciousness, there are numerous little signs and signals we emit through body language without even knowing it, and if you learn how to read these intricate tell-tale signs, you will be able to read your date as well.

This is why we at decided to provide you with some of the most useful first date body language tips that you can use to your advantage in order to determine if your date is really into you.

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