How far, is too far when talking PDA? Is PDA important in relationships? Whether “offline” or online, PDA has become more and more acceptable and common. It can be seen in every culture to the extent of acceptable social norms. Being highly subjective, it is affected by one’s background, upbringing, family views, peer influence, as well as one’s personal perception of right and wrong and one’s state of mind at that particular moment. Because PDA is a display of someone’s feelings it is also judged “with” and “by” feelings. In countries with more liberal views, PDA takes on a somewhat sexual note. “Get a room!”

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Online social networks are flooded with PDA’s. Emoji’s, images and kisses sent to one another, flood the internet turning the rest of us into unwilling spectators of this free spectacle. Some places are more accepting of PDA’s, places like airports, bus, train stations, basically places of arrivals or departures.  PDA and economic stability are interdependent, an increase in PDA indicates financial instability, subsequently a decrease indicates financial health. Economic disbalance or instability, affects the relationship by making it more vulnerable, immoderate PDA reassures the partners, with the “spectator’s” help. PDA is also an index of one’s relationship progression, usually the beginning of a relationship is marked by an excess of PDA, couples can’t simply keep their hands off of one another. Troubles in a relationship can also increase the PDA, being caused by couples seeking assurance in “spectator’s” eyes that everything is “alright” when the truth is far from it.

PDA has become more open and acceptable throughout the generations, it has evolved from a shy peck or an arm in arm walk to making out in most crowded places. The generations have become more free when indulging in PDA, but has the common sense been affected as well? Just think back in time when you were a child, you’d often get upset or shy when faced with your parents PDA, the first reaction was to turn away or to try and break it up, it seems that same feeling is triggered in adults. PDA is also perceived as a threat to one’s standards, it is somewhat perceived as an infection that will spread among people compelling for more couples to engage in PDA. Often highly emotional charged scenes will force some people to face the disturbing reality of one’s loneliness.

How much is too much when talking PDA?! It does depend on the surroundings, if you found yourselves in any other scene than the club scene then the limit should be guided by the amount of PDA you’d be comfortable with in front of your parents. Overboard PDA often reminds of standing at someone’s doorless bedroom. Not every couple engages in PDA as not everyone feels comfortable placing their most intimate moments on display, as well as not everyone feels the need of doing so either. To some a kiss or even a hug is more than that, it is an expression of dominance and possession, to others it is not even a romance but just showmance.

Brand new relationships, honeymooners, newlyweds tend to live in the moment, creating their own world, isolated from everyone else’s, a world seen by the “spectators” as something pleasant, as it indicates a beginning of a shared path. The feeling usually generated by a pleasant memory or fantasy or even hope. “Stolen” kisses , gentle caresses, tender hugs, arms wrapped around the waist, intertwined fingers, generate the romantic atmosphere that is most likely acceptable in most cultures, having on the opposite side the anti-romance, full on make-out sessions, hands wandering around the most intimate spots which will be perceived with disgust.

Whatever and however the PDA is seen it is first and foremost a hint of intimacy, a cultural phenomenon with limits.

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