There comes a point in every single person’s life that they must take a deep breath and recognize the depth of their singleness.  Sometimes this is not an easy process as many will have deep concerns in accepting the single status when everyone else is a couple. This can often put immense pressure on a boyfriend whose girlfriend is hearing the tic toc of her biological clock, or on a girl who may have many married friends pushing her for romantic success. This is all well and good but there are also many reasons to stop obsessing about single status.

In professional circles you may hear stories of dysfunctional relationships that lead to bitter break-ups, which caused an individual to take refuge in their occupation in order to push aside the sour taste of an unsuccessful relationship. These bitter break-ups often have the ability to change people’s priorities and send them on a downward spiral when it comes to romance. But the fact is that these dysfunctional relationships end for a good reason, one or both partner needs are not being met. This now gives you the opportunity to cultivate new friendships and pursue a girl or boyfriend who will make the heartbreak fade away and set you on a better course. Sound good? It mostly is, but you often need to motivate yourself to take the first steps to stop letting your single status convince you that you’re not amazing!

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For many women the stigma of single status has less to do with being alone and more to do with the perception that your biological clock has begun to tic faster and faster with each break-up, and that if you don’t find someone soon you will be childless with twenty cats as your only company. People need to realize that accepting the single status when everyone else is a couple is not a death sentence! Singleness is a temporary situation and the only pressure to achieve romantic success is what you place upon yourself.

Great relationships rarely jump up and smack us in the face screaming “here I am”! The best of them often start off as friendships and develop into a romantic success that makes both individuals feel like they have hit the lottery. Dysfunctional relationships are much easier to spot but more difficult to disengage from. Those who settle for these usually end up with some heartbreak and once again wear the mantle of single status.

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Most people don’t fully understand the reasons to stop obsessing about single status as they don’t realize they have a group of people out there working for them. IN your professional circles there are those who understand you and know what you are all about. Your married friends would love nothing more than to find that perfect girlfriend or boyfriend.

Accepting single status when everyone else is a couple is your choice and you need to decide if it’s something you truly want or merely a short-term condition.  As people’s priorities change, friendships and relationships change as well.  Just be open to the opportunity when it appears.



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