Is it a soft no or a definite NO, is it a flirty no or an aggressive NO! Signs that do need to be taken into consideration! Besides that, the surroundings, the events prior to that question or lack thereof and of course her mood. Don’t approach a lady in a bad mood! I can say, with a 99.9% certainty the answer will be NO and it will be an aggressive NO for that matter, one that might involve unwanted adjectives being thrown your way.. OUCH!

woman saying no to a man

Asked, yes/no, whatever that may be, when a woman wants sex and is eager to say yes, it is always represented through the way she walks, talks, the little gestures she makes, like “flare signals”, why search for a sharp :Y / N , when it can be done gracefully.

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When a woman says NO, why does it necessarily have to mean YES. Probably because it has been portrayed in so many ways, in too many books, jokes, satires, movies, songs and so on and so forth and it all being based on what?! On being indecisive when shopping for clothes, shoes, or when determining the place to spend the next vacation or having dinner (sarcastically speaking), these most certainly are good pointers to go about when deciding whether she means YES when really she means NO.


That “NO” when spoken, a merely a whisper, soft and tantalizing, just enough to add a mysterious vibe and a tone, an invitation to something more. Sounds complicated, but that’s the only way to understand what the desires of the moment are. The most “powerful” yet subtle NO that a man longs for. Whispered by the subject of his desire. That NO that can only be wielded by a sophisticated being, that knows exactly what she wants.

It’s all “in the mouth of the speaker” and not in the “eyes of the beholder”, at least not in this case.

Just follow the signs for when a NO is a YES.

Just wondering: When a woman says YES to sex, it is never classified as NO, but then again she never does, does she (wink)

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