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Men Love Shy Women.

You’re sitting at the end of the bar and there are many attractive women giving you that alluring stare, but for some strange reason you just can’t take your eyes of that girl sitting in the corner trying to look as though she isn’t even there. She has a certain hold on you that the others can’t match, and she is doing nothing to bring attention to herself. It’s just one more curious thing that men tend to think about as to why men love shy women.

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Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls.

There are many reasons why guys like shy girls but it also greatly depends on the guy as well. Sometimes aggressive girls get the first shot at a guy before those that may seem to exhibit more of a shy personality, but the real appeal and fascination lies in those attractive qualities that draw interest from a guy that might not be as evident as those displayed by an outgoing woman.

Body language can often identify an overconfident girls from shy women. The way a person walks, stands or how they lean against a bar can tell quite a bit about them. More delicate women or those with a shy personality often tend to shrink into themselves while the more aggressive girls give off air of confidence in their body language.

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Some may think the reasons why guys like shy girls stems from a need to be in control, but most fail to understand that having a shy girlfriend does not mean they have a weak one. An outgoing woman may seem to be more powerful in many ways, but personality alone is not the true measure of a person. In fact one of the most attractive qualities shy women, is their ability to sit back and survey a situation before taking any action. Yes, many women with a shy personality are just that, shy, but there are also those are not actually timid but more cautious.

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Personality and body language may be important when out in public but how do men actually feel about a shy girlfriend at home or in a private setting? It’s an interesting question as most men have heard about shy women being a pussycat in public and a Tiger in the bedroom, and to many men this is one of the most attractive qualities of dating a girl with a shy personality. However, aggressive girls may also have something to offer as an outgoing woman can often be the life of the party, even if it’s just a party for two!

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Do guys like shy girls? Well, it may really not be a question of the shy personality but the air of mystery surrounding shy women. It’s kind of like the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” This is how it may seem too many men. Those women who reveal their true self such as the aggressive girls who go right after what they want, or the over confident girl who thinks she has won before any goal has been set, these women are very predictable to most men.

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The attractive qualities of shy women comes from not being able to read their body language or completely understand their thoughts as they are at first sight an unknown quantity, and with all things that are unknown, it takes a bit of time to unravel the mystery and thus become a challenge which most men desire.

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