Couple-Together deciding if they are the right match

How does one know that the person they are dating actually has any potential for a long term or permanent relationship? Casual dating or commitment are definitely relationship goals that need to be considered, but it still comes down to figuring out if the person you are currently with has potential. Not sure of who you like and so you want to date others and hope you will make your mind up after a while? Well, that pretty much is a load of cr__ as most people pretty much know after an hour if the person they are with can be someone special.

Casual dating can be done for two reasons, the first is simple you are out to have fun and meet interesting and different people with no set relationship goals. You are just out to have a good time. How good of a time you are planning to have is completely up to you but if you are going on a lot of dates just to build up your self-confidence and put more notches on your bed post, well the common courtesy thing to do is make sure the other person has the goal in mind.

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In the immortal words of that genius Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you may get”, this is the theme for dating in general whether they be lunch dates or evening dates or any kind of dates, the point is everyone is unique and different people will make us feel completely different. Online dating is also unique as one can contact many people quickly which can definitely give a boost to our self-confidence but usually also delivers numerous bad dates as well.

Life has been compared to playing the lottery, you’ve got to be in it to win it and when dating many people you really need to define your relationship goals, which also includes no relationships at all. A no commitment relationship is essentially being dedicated to yourself and doing what you feel is right for you at a specific period of time. This does not mean that things can’t change, just have consideration and common courtesy for others as your actions might affect their lives as well.

If you want to date other people and hope you will make your mind up after a while you just have to go with the flow and keep an open mind. Who knows what the next date will bring. Dating is a process that involves two people, (perhaps more if you are Hugh Hefner!) and for any type of relationship to be successful both individuals must be on the same page as to what they are looking for or expect the future to bring.

A final note about casual dating and relationship goals. You can look at a person that might have all the characteristics you want in a partner, however if there is minimal chemistry the chances of something working out are very remote. In the same instance going from date to date to date might only get you a lot of free meals or notches on your bedpost, what it won’t do is fulfill that need that you may be looking for. By dating too casually, you also run the risk of missing something that could be just what you have been looking for but never knew it!

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