Does my hair look okay? Do you like me? Why won’t he call? These are all common concerns voiced by insecure people who see compliments as a true measure of their self-worth. Men who have an affinity for dating insecure women should do so with some trepidation as they must understand that there is usually a reason for their partner’s insecurity. So the question now becomes how better understand the issues involved and build solid relationships that will last. When dating insecure women there are two important things to realize, first, that all the compliments in the world won’t fix your partner’s insecurity and whatever baggage they are carrying around could take many years of freak out moments to deal with, and possibly many therapists to overcome. Second, all of the whiskey in your favorite tavern won’t fix the issues being dealt with in your partner’s mind.

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Solid relationships involving insecure people should be addressed with a bit of apprehension but with the understanding and hope that although the emotional stakes are high, the return on your investment can be well worth the risk. Many want that relationship that reminds them of an episode from the television sitcoms such as “Friends” or “Seinfeld,” the truth of the matter is that you will most likely get the exact type of relationship you want. This however does not mean that it will be the best relationship you need in order to be happy. What dating insecure women allows some men to do is raise and lower the emotional stakes of a relationship by careful and possibly calculated offering of compliments towards a desired result. In guys speak, what this really means is to tell them what they want to hear with the most earnest sincerity to get what they want.


Not all guys are idiots or try to take advantage when dating insecure women, most actually are looking to build solid relationships and offer compliments with the utmost sincerity. Commenting on someone’s best feature in a positive way is not a bad way to start and it allows the person to move past some of their past baggage and the apprehension of letting someone get bit closer. Therapists can remove many of the freak out moments and lessen your partner’s insecurity but emotional stakes are still high for these women causing many to approach relationships with some trepidation.

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All insecure people are not wired the same and when dating insecure women you need to judge for yourself the extent of your partner’s insecurity. Does it manifest itself in just being a bit shy or does it cause that person to lock themselves away from the world. You need to understand how to best deal with this early as your actions will have a profound effect on how they react to you and the world around them. Are crowded restaurants going to make them smile or cause them to be extremely nervous or self-conscious? Will she be more at ease in a less stressful atmosphere such as a walk in the park as opposed to a walk down Main Street? Knowing where your partner’s insecurity lies is a major step to better understanding the emotional stakes of the potential relationship going forward. For the men who are dating insecure women, you need to decide if this person is truly worth any uncomfortable situations or freak out moments that must be dealt with. Only you can decide if this person is worth it, and once you make that decision you won’t be dating an insecure woman, you will be dating someone special.



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