Did you ever notice that when you watch an old movie there is always the gratuitous scene of a woman walking into a room, a bar, a restaurant or pretty much anywhere else and the action stops and all eyes turn to her? Well, technology may have changed but the whether in the movies or real life the outcome remains the same. When an attractive woman enters a room she quite often can become the center of attention, and even if it’s for a fleeting moment, the point has been made, “I am here”.

So now that you, as a woman have made the grand entrance and are basically holding court, you may be wondering why there isn’t a line of men tripping over each other to get near you. The answer is simple; men are great at talking amongst each other or gazing at you from a distance, but when it comes to making ‘the move’ on an attractive woman, even the toughest guy can turn into a coward. You may need to give them a certain signal that you are approachable, or the very least a kind of conversation started. Laugh, talk to the bartender or wear something that you can be complemented on. Going back to those old time movies, did you ever notice that the attractive woman always wore some unique article of clothing or jewelry? We all noticed it, and that s the point! You now have your conversation started; Wow, what an interesting pair of earrings you have.” There you go, you now have given her the choice as to whether or not she will respond, but you have made the initial effort.

The key is to make the initial contact as simple as possible for the guy.  Quite often many attractive women travel in bunches, and although there may be safety and fun in numbers, it also makes it very intimidating for a man to have to navigate through all those women to get to you. Make sure he can approach you from many directions and that there are escape routes. Its also important to not that if you are in a corner and he must pass several of your friends along the way, one of them might seize the opportunity to grab him for herself before he can utter a single word to you.

A radiant smile goes a long way and is the easiest method to get a gentleman to approach you. A smile is like your business card. To plain and it gets just pushed aside, too flamboyant and no one takes it too seriously, but when you have that perfect smile that lets people know you are approachable and friendly you can demonstrate your moods much more adequately. A great smile can is like a lighthouse drawing in ships from all directions and gives them either a safe passage to you or flashes a warning to steer clear.

Knowing how to send out the right signals to men is becoming much more important as many women are finding out that the numbers of quality, single men is fading fast and the competition can be immense and at times ruthless. It may take you stepping out of your comfort zone on occasion but by exploring brave new worlds you may just open yourself to a great new adventure and perhaps that meet that special someone you’ve been longing for.

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