Dating is never a walk in the park. Well, ok, sometimes it is literally that, but here we are talking about that figurative walk in the park that is almost always calm, relaxing and most of all, easy.

Unlike dating.  

We’ve all had bad dates and horrible relationships, and we’ve all reached out for the help from our friends and family, but this reaching out for help can often be a double-edged sword. Of course, there are people in your life that are experienced enough to provide you with quality tips about relationships in general, but bad dating advice – especially when taken seriously and executed poorly – can indeed do more harm than good.

We at Sugar Daddie wanted to delve a bit deeper into this issue and find out which dating tips have reached the worst dating advice status on the modern dating scene, and try to point them out to you so you don’t make the mistakes that might end your relationship for good.  

Here are 7 pieces of bad dating advice that we encourage you not to follow.

“Play tricky mind games with him/her.”

Although teasing and harmless yanking of his/her chain can be cute and make your connection even stronger, love-related mind games can indeed be tricky and very counter-productive. It doesn’t matter if your friend managed to land a partner by showing affection one day and then utterly ignoring them the day after, we strongly recommend you steer clear of this type of strategy.

Just put yourself in those shoes and see how you would feel if someone you like started to play with your emotions…

“Problems tend to solve themselves out over time.”

No relationship is perfect and free of any issues and conflicts. And if a couple tries to convince you that they never fight, be sure that they are lying.

This is why ignoring problems within your relationship is never a good idea. Our advice is to deal with any problems right away and hit them head on, for only then will you be able to properly and in a healthy way resolve the issues you have.

“Don’t call him/her right away. Wait a few days.”

Ah, so many potentially great relationships never even happened because of this stupid strategy… And for some reason, this tip continues to live on for ages. Texting or calling your date the next day is perfectly normal, especially if your date the previous evening went well. We need to figure out once and for all that the playing hard to get tactic most often backfires on the one that is trying to implement it.

Those days are long gone, folks. Modern dating scene is fast and furious and there’s no time to be wasted.

“Show him/her that you’re the boss right away.”

Another worst dating advice candidate right here. First of all, as soon as there’s any kind of disbalance in a relationship between the two love partners, various types of issues may emerge. Your relationship should be a leveled playing field and no one should assume the position of “the boss” in it. That’s just a recipe for full-on destruction.

Mutual respect and understanding is always the way to go.

“Don’t be too revealing about your feelings, desires, and plans.”

If you are planning a serious relationship with that special someone, you must be open and honest about your deepest feelings and desires, but also your plans for the future. Taking things slow is ok, but never keep all the things that make you who you are just for yourself. That’s just plain selfish and will only destroy whatever you have with your partner.

Make sure you keep your cards out on the table, for only then will the two of you manage to stay on the same page.  

“Always make yourself available to him/her.”

Spending time together is crucial, but having time for yourself is just as important in a serious relationship. Finding the balance between these two can be tricky, but anyone can do it with a little effort and good communication.

“Demand your partner to be romantic, always.”

Romance is fun and necessary, but it dissipates over time. The honeymoon phase is beautiful, but there’s no honeymoon that lasts forever. And demanding romance is never healthy. If it doesn’t come naturally, it should not be forced.

What is your favorite worst dating advice that you almost took? Feel free to mention it in the comments section below. Also, don’t hesitate to check out for the best that comes from the world of sugar dating!  

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