couple showing affection

Okay, so you’ve been dating for a short while and things seem to be going fairly well; you have dinner a few times a week or go shopping together and it seems that you are actually on the verge of a real honest to God relationship, so what’s next? At this point the two of you should be communicating well and have a good idea of each other’s likes and dislikes yet still have a lot to learn about one another. Many relationships fall apart at this point because those involved get a bit complacent and may even begin to take each other for granted. One way to avoid such problems is to keep things fresh and exciting. There are many ways to accomplish this such as short vacations, special dinners, trips to museums, but although these are great displays of affection, they are not spontaneous and planning needs to go into it to make it successful. It’s amazing how a well thought out small, yet targeted gift can have a greater impact than a dinner or Broadway show.

The fact that it is small and unexpected is only half the importance of giving such a gift, timing and targeting is also important. By timing we are referring to surprise of the gift, not what it is. Let’s assume you are at dinner and have just ordered your appetizers and are discussing a tropical vacation that you’d both like to someday take when you reach into your jacket pocket and display a CD of favorite Island songs that you know he or she will enjoy. This will undoubtedly start a conversation about places the two of you might go together and thereby solidify your relationship even further. A bottle of suntan lotion may even have the same effect! You surprised your partner with not only the unexpectedness of the gift but during a conversation about vacations was perfect timing.

It does take some degree of thought when choosing the right gift or else anyone could just pick up something at the checkout isle of the grocery store and be done with it. This could work on occasion as I have had tremendous results with a mere bag of raisonettes when perfectly timed at a specific few day period of the month. If you know your partner has decided to begin a new fitness regime, a magazine subscription that magically shows up in their mailbox is a great gift. A small stuffed animal left on a desk at work shows not only thoughtfulness but willingness as well since you had to go the extra effort to place it there when he or she wasn’t. If your partner is a candy connoisseur a subscription to a candy of the month club would be a great idea, as would a wine of the month, cheese of the month or anything else of the month, but you get the idea.

Okay, so you are getting the picture now, it does not have to big as long as there is thought put into it and there is a purpose behind it. Flowers, colognes and perfumes are always good ideas but they have lost some of the oomph that they once held, as they are not really all that imaginative. Think about those things that mean a lot to your partner and tie the gift to that. If your partner has a child you can always buy a load of Girl Scout or Cub Scout cookies and have cookie party. The gift need not be directly given to them, lets say your partner is head over heals in love with their dog; showing up at their home with a brand new dog bed or a large meaty bone will surely score huge points with not only them but their beloved pooch as well. Imagination and timing will certainly lead to a much more exiting and hopefully lasting relationship

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