Online dating and Peeing in the Pool; Everyone does it but none admit to it!

Okay, we have now gotten a good laugh from the title of this article, but if you really begin to think about it there actually are similarities. First, everyone at one time or another has peed in a swimming pool, despite rumors that there is a chemical in the water that will turn blue if someone is urinating. No one will admit to it, but they still do it. Online dating is very much the same in that almost everyone has a profile on some dating site but few admit to it. Have you met anyone that has connected through an online dating site? If so, do they readily admit to it or do they immediately go to the old standby answer that a mutual friend introduced them? It mystifies me as to why more people than ever before are meeting through the Internet yet still have difficulty admitting to it.

Remember when we met people at school, churches or through friends and friends of friends? Well, now it’s much more efficient and effective to do our personal networking through the vast array of online dating sites and social networks. Those of us a bit older than our 20’s and 30’s are caught in between the old school methods of meeting and the world of online dating. We come up with excuses that younger people don’t need to as they are used to the Internet and its ability to connect people. I frequently tell those who ask that my current girlfriend and I met when she tracked me down in her line of work as a bounty hunter when I skipped out on my bond. Another answer that gets them scratching their heads is that we met at a rally to add capital punishment for parking violations. Most of us would just rather not admit that we are on an Internet dating site to meet people. It’s almost more comfortable to merely say we met at a bar.

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For those who are more comfortable saying they met online, you can go into more specific detail as to the exact dating site you met on and also state if it has a particular theme. Of course this may backfire heavily if you met on a site catering to those who enjoy kinky online dating themes. I’m just saying that it would sound strange if your saintly mother asks where the two of you met and you smile and say “” I guess a lot of your answers may depend whether your mom watches Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer.

Sometimes it pays just to say you met at a bar or restaurant or wherever you had your first real life encounter. This way you will not be lying, as no one really needs to know that there was a few weeks of online messaging before you have your first in person date. Each situation is going to be a bit different depending upon who is asking, but the closer you stay to the truth, the less likely you’ll forget what you told them, and the clearer you conscious might be.

For whatever the reason there still may be a small stigma attached to meeting someone online, which is kinda silly because who really gives a crap as long as you found the person that makes you happy. Sometimes saying something as outlandish as “she was my penpal in prison” or as simple “He’s my cousin’s best friend”count for about as much as expecting an honest answer to the age old question “who peed in the pool!”

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