For anyone needing fresh and innovative approaches to fulfilling their growing sexual desires, it seems like this would be a great time to discuss a few possibilities to enhance and electrify your intimate moments by opening up the possibilities of doing the deed with the chance of getting caught in a few potentially risqué public sex locations. Not for the faint at heart!

Now since we are going to assume since you are reading this that you may not be completely comfortable at having sex with the chance of being caught, and the exhibitionist within you may need to build up confidence before trying some of the more risky locations and situations that may present itself to you. Sex in exotic locations may not rise to the level of taboo sex but it sure can get a person excited in more ways than one!

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Let’s discuss the simplest of precarious sexual locations and the one that many of us have chalked off in high school or college, the most likely number one sexual location for those under 20 years old has to be having sex in the car. Now although this is mostly done by the young, middle aged folks trying to infuse some excitement into their sex lives might consider trying this. Think of it as reliving your youth or just something completely different. To put even more excitement into this take into consideration where you park your care for this type of ride! Let’s be honest, car sex on top of parking lot roof is vastly different than pulling over in the middle of rush hour traffic. If you really want to get daring you can park in a dark field and get out of the car, just using it for balance. Scale it up or down to your comfort level.

Okay, so you’ve mastered car sex and want to take it up a notch or two, well aren’t you special! See if the city you live in has any public parks that don’t get a lot of traffic. Depending upon the time of day you can decide how open an area you want to use. Having sex in the bushes is quite different from having sex on a blanket in the middle of open space or beach. There are three things to remember when having sex in a park or on the beach, the first is that the darker it is outside the more risk you should be able to take and the less you need to cover you if any. The second is make sure you’re dressed for it as you really don’t want to take off that much clothing because you may have to quickly put it back on. The final and most important thing to remember is that it may be illegal to have sex in public in your area, so keep that in mind before hand to avoid costly legal fees and a criminal record!

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Congratulations! You are now on your way to become a public sex aficionado and can graduate to more thrilling public sex locations. Remember to always keep in mind that human traffic varies at different times of the day so you may need to adjust your schedule to suit your comfort level. Movie theater sex is often talked about but most chicken out before the trailers are half way finished. Consider a mid-week matinee and sit in the back row and don’t choose a popular new movie. Just remember, no talking in the movies!

Have you ever thought about having sex in a public restroom or the dressing room at your favorite department store? These are pretty similar in terms of both the thrill derived and chance of getting caught. Just be flexible enough for some acrobatic sex and it’s a piece of cake. Perhaps with enough practice you can be ready to join the mile high club and have sex in an airplane bathroom.

So let’s end this with two of my favorites that can be done on the same day and although completely different can really satisfy your need for excitement and exhilaration. Having sex in front of your hotel window is a special feeling, as you will never know who may be watching. There is no need to hurry and you really can be as creative as you wish. The privacy of your hotel room combined with an exhibitionist rush and freedom of a panoramic view of the city, and the city’s view of you is electrifying. But wait, there’s more! If you are on a high floor in a hotel you may want to try having sex in the elevator! This is the ultimate for those who relish the thought of getting caught and have the ability to move quickly and keep a straight face.

There are plenty more great spots for sex with the chance of being caught or in public locations but here are the things you must remember. Make certain that you are not breaking any laws that will ruin your life. Also remember that in this age of technology you may be making one heck of porn movie without even realizing it, Cameras are everywhere, Having sex in an elevator or public park might be captured for future generations to enjoy. Lastly, throw most of this article out the window as it only gives you possible locations for outdoor sex or sex in risqué locations, the real exhilaration of sex with the chance of getting caught comes from being spontaneous. Taking the time to plan the adventure somehow takes away a little of the excitement of it. So just know what things you may need to watch out for and if the moment strikes the two of you, then go for it and become part of the growing group of public sex enthusiasts!



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