I’ve seen some people that can chat up a storm at any club or night spot yet fail miserably when trying to flirt with someone they met online. This is pretty puzzling as the same reasons that make a person successful in person are the ones that work best for flirting online, with the obvious exception of appearance. In both the online and in-person situations one of the most important things to understand is the concept of “feedback.” This is being able to take certain cues from the other person and then knowing how to respond. When responding to the other person’s messages you need to find a balance between being the suave or sophisticated bad boy and the shy or introverted nerd. Going too far in either direction can mean a short and unsuccessful chat session. Feedback, or reactions to your messages should allow you to find the proper balance for this particular situation.

So, now that you are armed with a computer, mouse and a lot of hope you are ready to navigate the wild world of flirting online and with any luck at all it may turn into something more. Here are some of the best tips for flirting online, just be yourself and remember that the other person does not have the benefit of seeing your body movement or gestures so keep that in mind when chatting.

One of the best tips for flirting online is to have fun! Meeting new people should make you smile but even more than that it should make the person you are flirting with smile too. Have fun and enjoy the moment. The key to all online flirting is to make both of you want to do it again! There are thousands of people who want to chat online so you need to be entertaining enough to make others want to flirt with you instead of the competition!

Now you have to figure out what it is about you that makes others enjoy your online company. Some people are just naturally funny while others radiate confidence. If you are happy, funny and confident chances are you have what it takes to be successful in the online dating game. After all, who wants to be with someone who has the personality of a turnip!

Having confidence does not give you a license to be a rude overbearing twit. Use common sense and pick up on cues that the other person sends out. If you are hoping for some more intimate banter then you better make sure the other person has hinted in some way that they are open to this as well. If you hear a lot of silence after attempts of driving the conversation in that direction with several people, it is a great indication you are doing something wrong and should change your strategies.

All the success you hope to have in flirting online depends upon one thing, how good you are at paying attention to what the other person says and offering appropriate feedback that makes that person feel that you really understand them and are genuinely interested about what they have to say.

Finally, if all went well, you have probably gotten some alternative means of contacting that person or at least an indication that they hope to hear from you again on whatever website the both of you frequent. Don’t be shy about sending that person an email at some point soon after expressing the fact that you enjoyed chatting with them and are looking forward to getting to know them better.

Take things at slow and steady pace and your evening of flirting online can turn into a lot more than either of you might have expected.

Writer and consultant for Sugardaddie.com