Some men feel the need to be kept interested, some men have requirements, some men have demands, good thing for “the some” that don’t. Dedicated to these special cases that do! If the man is one of these that can’t get interested by anything a normal human might be, do yourself a favor find one that will. Most of us, ladies, wouldn’t mind running in our partner’s heads all day and night long ( not that head ). Knowing that he thinks of us, is somewhat arousing, perhaps reassuring too.   

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Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!

So true. For some of us, keeping a man interested is second nature. To know the look, to speak the words, to “read” between the lines, to accommodate the most secret desires, yup! All that and more you can always learn in a “school for Geisha’s” but let’s not go that route. Every woman has her own ways of bedazzling, naturally these aren’t shared, NATURALLY! Too much “competition”. Wowing a man is a “complete seasoning”, you do it as a friend as well as a lover, mixing the sex, the routine, the intimacy, the flirtiness and the friendliness. Do not throw all the “glitter” at once. Everyone loves surprises, a little by little will suffice. Annoyance is not one of the goals. Men love, love, love compliments, especially when they know they had failed, just a white lie in that case, won’t hurt anyone, perhaps even make it better. Men like being listened and paid attention to. Offer a listening, understanding ear from time to time.

Honestly, just use honesty, it’s something appreciated by all.

How can I make my man happy in a relationship?. Provide him with the comfort of knowing that he could confide and trust you.  Being a bit nosy, in the sense of showing some interest or curiosity in his job or hobby. Now to the sexy stuff, let’s face it, everyone likes sexy. Dirty talk throughout the day, occasional lustful text message, randomly placed notes with sexual connotations. That will most certainly get him “thinking”. I wouldn’t do it daily, daily turns into routine and routine turns into boring. Romantic surprises. Show him that you want him, these winks, or eye contact, intelligent conversation, snuggling, cuddling yada yada. A new set of lingerie, perhaps a new toy or even position, it isn’t good just for him but for you as well, worst case scenario you can use all that for your next “victim” Bring in the bonding games. Working out together, biking, skating, jumping, laughing, crying, screaming. Plan a trip together into the “unknown” or just a romantic dinner by a fireplace.  In other words, be versatile and creative, use the imagination for the positive, not negative, look forward to making love not war.

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