Some men feel the need to be kept interested, some men have requirements, some men have demands, good thing for “the some” that don’t. Dedicated to these special cases that do! If the man is one of these that can’t get interested by anything a normal human might be, do yourself a favor find one that will. Most of us, ladies, wouldn’t mind running in our partner’s heads all day and night long ( not that head ). Knowing that he thinks of us, is somewhat arousing, perhaps reassuring too.   

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Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!

So true. For some of us, keeping a man interested is second nature. To know the look, to speak the words, to “read” between the lines, to accommodate the most secret desires, yup! All that and more you can always learn in a “school for Geisha’s” but let’s not go that route. Every woman has her own ways of bedazzling, naturally these aren’t shared, NATURALLY! Too much “competition”. Wowing a man is a “complete seasoning”, you do it as a friend as well as a lover, mixing the sex, the routine, the intimacy, the flirtiness and the friendliness. Do not throw all the “glitter” at once. Everyone loves surprises, a little by little will suffice. Annoyance is not one of the goals. Men love, love, love compliments, especially when they know they had failed, just a white lie in that case, won’t hurt anyone, perhaps even make it better. Men like being listened and paid attention to. Offer a listening, understanding ear from time to time.

Honestly, just use honesty, it’s something appreciated by all.

How can I make my man happy in a relationship?. Provide him with the comfort of knowing that he could confide and trust you.  Being a bit nosy, in the sense of showing some interest or curiosity in his job or hobby. Now to the sexy stuff, let’s face it, everyone likes sexy. Dirty talk throughout the day, occasional lustful text message, randomly placed notes with sexual connotations. That will most certainly get him “thinking”. I wouldn’t do it daily, daily turns into routine and routine turns into boring. Romantic surprises. Show him that you want him, these winks, or eye contact, intelligent conversation, snuggling, cuddling yada yada. A new set of lingerie, perhaps a new toy or even position, it isn’t good just for him but for you as well, worst case scenario you can use all that for your next “victim” Bring in the bonding games. Working out together, biking, skating, jumping, laughing, crying, screaming. Plan a trip together into the “unknown” or just a romantic dinner by a fireplace.  In other words, be versatile and creative, use the imagination for the positive, not negative, look forward to making love not war.

Healthy relationships don’t always happen overnight, quite often they take a bit of time and nurturing to allow any residual negative feelings from past relationships, such as jealousy and envy to fade to nothing. However, sometimes if things are not progressing at a pace that you are comfortable with drastic measures may be needed, such as making him jealous.  Now this is not always a winning strategy as jealousy games can backfire, but they can also stimulate natural male instincts to seize that which may seem to be slipping away.

It’s not actually about how to make a guy jealous, it’s more about trying to cultivate a healthy relationship and doing those things that will result in a positive outcome for both you and a potential boyfriend.  But let’s just say for argument’s sake that of all your male acquaintances there is one that really stands out and you are certain that he likes you as well, but you just can’t seem to get him to make a move trying to make him jealous might be your only solution.

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Buttercup, Sunshine, Snookum’s or even My Sweet Petunia, bleh! It’s almost enough to make a guy turn in his man card! Yet, these are just a few of the affectionate nicknames we have grown accustomed to on television, especially for those of us who still enjoy a good cartoon every now and then. It’s not unusual for couples to have sexy pet names for each other and many people actually find these romantic nicknames a sign of genuine love and affection.

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“You and me
Let it be
We are one
It is done!”

Now that the spell that bounds you to this blog has been cast we can proceed.

The secret to any spell is the belief that it will have the desired effect, focusing the energy, thought towards a certain someone that you have strong emotions for. Modern women, use different ways to mesmerize the object of their desires, and it isn’t necessarily witchcraft or voodoo.
Pheromone infused perfumes, sexy lingerie, high heels, sensual gestures, a different way of casting spells. Knowing the secrets of seduction is, in itself, the magic spell of our century. Playing the romantic game the right way, and leading him or her into your “web”. Knowing how to puzzle the senses, so that they play in your favor is magic and be patient as there will be setbacks, unless you have a genie to do your bidding.

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For anyone needing fresh and innovative approaches to fulfilling their growing sexual desires, it seems like this would be a great time to discuss a few possibilities to enhance and electrify your intimate moments by opening up the possibilities of doing the deed with the chance of getting caught in a few potentially risqué public sex locations. Not for the faint at heart!

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It’s probably not a statement that someone might want to admit to, considering the fact that us women are considered to be more emotional than men but by accepting the facts for what they truly are is even more mind blowing.
And of course age must be taken in consideration as well however…

Love and money

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couple showing affection

Okay, so you’ve been dating for a short while and things seem to be going fairly well; you have dinner a few times a week or go shopping together and it seems that you are actually on the verge of a real honest to God relationship, so what’s next? At this point the two of you should be communicating well and have a good idea of each other’s likes and dislikes yet still have a lot to learn about one another. Many relationships fall apart at this point because those involved get a bit complacent and may even begin to take each other for granted. One way to avoid such problems is to keep things fresh and exciting. There are many ways to accomplish this such as short vacations, special dinners, trips to museums, but although these are great displays of affection, they are not spontaneous and planning needs to go into it to make it successful. It’s amazing how a well thought out small, yet targeted gift can have a greater impact than a dinner or Broadway show.

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