The ever increasing reputation of a sugar daddy is strongly apparent in today’s relationship world and is demonstrated by the experiences of those who have at some point in time been looking for a sugar daddy relationship. The question that arises here, is why are they so popular, and what is it that women seek when looking for this type of arrangement. 

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The sugar daddy style relationship has often been credited with being void of complications, it seems to hold a barrier against the stresses of life that seem to find their way into more traditional relationships. There is an open table of commitment to the cause, where both sides seem to bathe in the freedom of life but also enjoy the benefits of two people placing care on each other. It is reminiscent in some ways to the innocent days of boyfriend and girlfriend, where carefree living and enjoyment are solidified in the unwritten contract of togetherness. 

So what sits underneath the Sugar daddy relationship, is it strictly convenience that works well within the busyness of two lifestyles or is it more than that? Certainly it can be argued that each person’s enjoyment benefits differ, but what seems to hold firm in all this is the financial security and that in itself displays considerable merit, in particular in times when the cost of living crisis is making a presence in many households globally.

Here are four possible reasons why the sugar daddy relationship works well when personal prosperity is under pressure. 

Financial security: Knowing that your partner is of financial means can be an outstanding antidote to the stresses that surface as a result of modern living and the accumulation of bills.

Improved Standard of living: Money talks, money gives options and money, whilst not the be all and end of all, has a way of supplying experiences that are both welcome and enjoyable. If used right, it can be a terrific catalyst to life freedom.

The Future is Brighter: Having a partner with financial capability allows someone to be more fulfilled and confident when taking a view on their own future. Opportunities seem to arise more when clear minds and happiness without stress are allowed to flourish. There have been many stories where the success of the Sugar daddy breeds into creating success for their partner.

Committed, but not tied: When life is busy, you still want to be able to enjoy the things you personally take interest in, but also have the security of being cared for. Having the flexibility of a Sugar daddy style relationship allows you to remain who you are, enjoy what you enjoy with added benefits of exploring life with someone else where terms of the relationship seem to fit well into both peoples schedules and lifestyle. 

Modern day living and the accompanying relationships are more dynamic and tilted in a way where that loses the hard edges that can be instilled in more traditional, long term relationships where all too often, people can lose touch with who they are, and what got them together in the first place. Sugar daddy relationships are keen to explore and promote personal independence of themselves, where people thrive on the merits of good living whilst gaining combined life experiences and support which flourishes the very existence and persona of each person within the relationship. Quite simply, it works.

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In most cases, when two people meet, the relationship begins with optimism, fun and new adventures. For many, the prospect of having found the ‘one’ provides gallons of dopamine and a skip or two more in the step. It brightens life and that is an experience worth having. But is it all too often that the mold of what that relationship should look like from an age perspective, is an outcome drafted by the averages of society and the expectation that we should fit neatly inside the catalogue of social norm?

What Makes a Relationship Work

If we look at what the heartbeat of a flourishing relationship, we see that interest in the other person and open communication sits quite high on the podium of creating success. Importance also lies in each person holding on to their individual interests, listening, caring, enjoying the company and fun that each provides to one and other. However, you’ll do very well to find on any list of relationship success tips that both people need to be the same age.  Why is then that this glaringly void statistic still seems to somehow turn up in ‘corridor of whispers’ and the ‘did you hear about’ club, when a relationship interest flourishes with an age gap between them.

Older Men Dating Women Who Are Younger

If we look at the core of what keeps a relationship alive and happy, it’s the continued genuine interest and happiness each provides. So, if research shows that older men who date younger women are happier than those who date older women, that demonstrates what is more important to them, happiness. These men don’t seem to get locked into the trap of aligning to the norm of fulfilling societies obligation that being with someone the same age is obligatory, in fact aligning to where the barometer of ‘what’s normal’ is in fact rather dull, predictable and is wrapped in synthetic acceptance of what is correct.

Let’s look at what some men look for in women, now instead of using the term, older men, we’ll simply use the term, men. Characteristics of an attractive partner are likely to include being fun, energetic, and having a zest for life. Intelligence and humor, and of course, someone who has yet to experience it all. Someone who wants to see more in life has contagious traits that are arguably attractive. And collectively, these traits are often still very much present in our 20’s and 30’s.  This isn’t saying there is an expiry date for fun, it’s just saying the eagerness for it, is more prominent in these decades of our lives.

To find someone who can rekindle these joys would be on the list of many, and its far easier to find them when someone is pulling you back into your younger self. For men, older men, mature men, or however this is deemed, they see younger women as being more energetic and fun than maybe they are themselves and maybe this connection rekindles the enjoyments they’d put into the cupboard for another day while they were busy living in the hazy bubble of life’s ever growing demands

Younger Women Do Find Older Men Attractive

Older, mature men seem to the catch the eye of women younger than themselves. Whilst this may not be on every occasion, it’s certainly more in tune with the woman’s book of attraction than you may think. For women, men with life experience, financial stability, and a catalogue of ‘seen it and done it’s’ are highly appealing. Experience of life comes with astonishing benefits that can quite easily slide into the funnel of provision and security. Once you’ve seen it and done it once, you’ll always be wiser and more experienced in life. Men in the 40’s and above who’ve paid attention to life’s opportunities will nearly always have more presence, life experience, confidence and financial security and this attractive benefit can only come by age. Women tend to be more attracted to men older than themselves for the aforementioned traits, when you think about it, it’s a perfectly understandable list of admirations. The want of stability, experience, and the benefits of being with someone who has passed the test of succeeding down the path once trodden should be on most partner wish lists.

Age Difference Relationships

In the liberalism on each of our lives, age difference relationships should, at very least, lean towards what we are most naturally attracted too. For some, that preferred choice is a partner of the same age, marriage, open marriage, no marriage, the list goes on and on. Some people prefer the simplicity and benefits that come from dating an older guy who has success and life experience under his belt. Is this man a “sugar daddy”? Maybe to some women, he is. After all, a sugar daddy has become highly popularized by the media as the successful, older guy. This type of connection is growing in popularity all the time, and whilst we may label it as relatively new way of being with someone, this relationship concept emerged centuries ago. In fact, this is probably the first type of dating where age was a difference. What was popular then, is still popular now.



1. The first and most important tip on ways to meet wealthy men is quite obvious, you need to go to those places where wealthy men tend to hang out. That means forget about hanging out at your local dive bar and start spending time at those establishments that cater to a more upscale clientele.

 2. Understand that spending time at more upscale venues does not mean just going to posh bars and clubs. There are plenty of places that will put you in close proximity to wealthy men.  Art Galleries that frequently have parties are a great place and charitable events also bring out those with disposable income.

 3. Another way to meet wealthy men is to act like you belong in their world.  Don’t suck up to every person, place or thing that is discussed. Have your own opinions and learn how to properly articulate them. Nothing is sexier to a wealthy man than a woman who can take a stand and debate an issue.Join now SugarDaddie4. Where do you currently shop? The local flea markets or low end shopping malls are not the place if you want to meet wealthy men. Wealthy men tend to shop in the more upscale malls and shopping districts. If a mall has a TJ MAXX or Marshall’s as one of its anchor stores it’s a good bet that wealthy people would rather have a hot poker stuck in their eye than be seen shopping discount stores.  So a very important piece of advice on how to meet wealthy men is shop in those places that the rich and famous shop. You may not be able to make purchases at these stores but it would probably be a lot of fun trying things on. Who knows, maybe that rich guy looking at shirts is paying more attention to you!


5. Hanging out at your local gym is great if you are only trying to get in great shape physically, but if your ultimate goal is to meet wealthy men and change you direction in life than you might consider an investment in a membership at a luxury spa or resort. A luxury spa is more than a gym for wealthy people, it is a place where successful men congregate and network.  If you can become part of those conversations your road to financial growth and stability with someone who can afford to show you an upscale lifestyle has a much better chance of success.

6. One of the most overlooked ways to meet wealthy men is to get a job in an industry that caters to the upscale crowd. If you are working in a fast food joint the chances of meeting a man with a 6 figure income is a lot less than if you are employed at a high end boutique or any of the industries that require a great deal of education. By being in proximity to these wealthy individuals you have a good chance of being noticed. That is what all these dating tips to meet wealthy men are meant to do, get you noticed!

7. Our last bit of advice for meeting wealthy men is to join an upscale dating site that caters to those who live, or want to live an upscale lifestyle.  By using the effectiveness and efficiency of these dating sites you can meet a surprising number of wealthy men.

 Keeping and developing a relationship with wealthy men is about much more than getting into a physical relationship with them. They can get that pretty much at any socio-economic level, but to maintain such relationships you must continue to grow and move forward as a person. You need to stimulate both mentally as well as physically as any relationship requires development to be worthwhile to both individuals involved.

Dating advice tips for dating a younger woman

Many say age is irrelevant and it is merely a state of mind but when it comes to the world of dating and relationships there are some dating tips men need for dating a younger woman. When you are a middle aged man and you are involved with a woman who may be significantly younger than you, it can feel like you have won the lottery, but if you are not prepared for what comes with this type of relationship it can come crashing down hard around you.

So, the first of these tips for dating a younger woman is that it is not a competition.  You do not have to prove that you can keep up at everything as it eventually tends to make you look like either a crazy person or an idiot.  It’s enjoying the similar interests together that make this relationship work, not who can do something better on longer. If you need to consistently try to prove that you are still young, then you probably have deep issues to worry about than the age of whom you are dating in relation to you own. You still do need to keep up with her or she will probably get bored. Go with the flow and enjoy the moment!

Another important tip for dating a younger woman is to remember to treat her like your girlfriend and not a possession. If all you are after is a bit of arm candy or a trophy then you might as well not call it dating and just a mutually beneficial relationship. Many think these relationships are all about the sexual dynamic between a more mature man and a younger woman, but if that is all you have then it’s really not dating. Dating whether young or old is about emotional bonds as well as physical. The growth of a relationship can take place at any age, if this growth begins to stagnate then usually so does the relationship.

As a mature man you have had the opportunity to grow as a person and gain many new experiences, a younger woman may have not had as many life lessons that you have and should be given the freedom to live her own life as well. By trying to make something too easy for a young woman you may also be depriving her of the ability to learn from her mistakes.  This does not mean that you need to let her crash and burn each time you see an issue coming, but instead some light suggestions or nudging may be all that’s needed.

Finally, one of the most difficult things about dating a younger woman is that you will be the object of gossip and perhaps even scandal! Let’s face it, people talk and what better subject of gossip-mongers than a man dating a woman who could very well be the age of his daughter! If you prepare for this eventuality then it will be much easier for you and your young lady to deal with. Instead of fearing what people will say, embrace the situation and have some fun with it. Life has given you both a rare opportunity to experience something special and to hold onto youth just a bit longer while being able to make the decisions that only life experience can teach.

Some men feel the need to be kept interested, some men have requirements, some men have demands, good thing for “the some” that don’t. Dedicated to these special cases that do! If the man is one of these that can’t get interested by anything a normal human might be, do yourself a favor find one that will. Most of us, ladies, wouldn’t mind running in our partner’s heads all day and night long ( not that head ). Knowing that he thinks of us, is somewhat arousing, perhaps reassuring too.   

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Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!

So true. For some of us, keeping a man interested is second nature. To know the look, to speak the words, to “read” between the lines, to accommodate the most secret desires, yup! All that and more you can always learn in a “school for Geisha’s” but let’s not go that route. Every woman has her own ways of bedazzling, naturally these aren’t shared, NATURALLY! Too much “competition”. Wowing a man is a “complete seasoning”, you do it as a friend as well as a lover, mixing the sex, the routine, the intimacy, the flirtiness and the friendliness. Do not throw all the “glitter” at once. Everyone loves surprises, a little by little will suffice. Annoyance is not one of the goals. Men love, love, love compliments, especially when they know they had failed, just a white lie in that case, won’t hurt anyone, perhaps even make it better. Men like being listened and paid attention to. Offer a listening, understanding ear from time to time.

Honestly, just use honesty, it’s something appreciated by all.

How can I make my man happy in a relationship?. Provide him with the comfort of knowing that he could confide and trust you.  Being a bit nosy, in the sense of showing some interest or curiosity in his job or hobby. Now to the sexy stuff, let’s face it, everyone likes sexy. Dirty talk throughout the day, occasional lustful text message, randomly placed notes with sexual connotations. That will most certainly get him “thinking”. I wouldn’t do it daily, daily turns into routine and routine turns into boring. Romantic surprises. Show him that you want him, these winks, or eye contact, intelligent conversation, snuggling, cuddling yada yada. A new set of lingerie, perhaps a new toy or even position, it isn’t good just for him but for you as well, worst case scenario you can use all that for your next “victim” Bring in the bonding games. Working out together, biking, skating, jumping, laughing, crying, screaming. Plan a trip together into the “unknown” or just a romantic dinner by a fireplace.  In other words, be versatile and creative, use the imagination for the positive, not negative, look forward to making love not war.

How far, is too far when talking PDA? Is PDA important in relationships? Whether “offline” or online, PDA has become more and more acceptable and common. It can be seen in every culture to the extent of acceptable social norms. Being highly subjective, it is affected by one’s background, upbringing, family views, peer influence, as well as one’s personal perception of right and wrong and one’s state of mind at that particular moment. Because PDA is a display of someone’s feelings it is also judged “with” and “by” feelings. In countries with more liberal views, PDA takes on a somewhat sexual note. “Get a room!”

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Online social networks are flooded with PDA’s. Emoji’s, images and kisses sent to one another, flood the internet turning the rest of us into unwilling spectators of this free spectacle. Some places are more accepting of PDA’s, places like airports, bus, train stations, basically places of arrivals or departures.  PDA and economic stability are interdependent, an increase in PDA indicates financial instability, subsequently a decrease indicates financial health. Economic disbalance or instability, affects the relationship by making it more vulnerable, immoderate PDA reassures the partners, with the “spectator’s” help. PDA is also an index of one’s relationship progression, usually the beginning of a relationship is marked by an excess of PDA, couples can’t simply keep their hands off of one another. Troubles in a relationship can also increase the PDA, being caused by couples seeking assurance in “spectator’s” eyes that everything is “alright” when the truth is far from it.

PDA has become more open and acceptable throughout the generations, it has evolved from a shy peck or an arm in arm walk to making out in most crowded places. The generations have become more free when indulging in PDA, but has the common sense been affected as well? Just think back in time when you were a child, you’d often get upset or shy when faced with your parents PDA, the first reaction was to turn away or to try and break it up, it seems that same feeling is triggered in adults. PDA is also perceived as a threat to one’s standards, it is somewhat perceived as an infection that will spread among people compelling for more couples to engage in PDA. Often highly emotional charged scenes will force some people to face the disturbing reality of one’s loneliness.

How much is too much when talking PDA?! It does depend on the surroundings, if you found yourselves in any other scene than the club scene then the limit should be guided by the amount of PDA you’d be comfortable with in front of your parents. Overboard PDA often reminds of standing at someone’s doorless bedroom. Not every couple engages in PDA as not everyone feels comfortable placing their most intimate moments on display, as well as not everyone feels the need of doing so either. To some a kiss or even a hug is more than that, it is an expression of dominance and possession, to others it is not even a romance but just showmance.

Brand new relationships, honeymooners, newlyweds tend to live in the moment, creating their own world, isolated from everyone else’s, a world seen by the “spectators” as something pleasant, as it indicates a beginning of a shared path. The feeling usually generated by a pleasant memory or fantasy or even hope. “Stolen” kisses , gentle caresses, tender hugs, arms wrapped around the waist, intertwined fingers, generate the romantic atmosphere that is most likely acceptable in most cultures, having on the opposite side the anti-romance, full on make-out sessions, hands wandering around the most intimate spots which will be perceived with disgust.

Whatever and however the PDA is seen it is first and foremost a hint of intimacy, a cultural phenomenon with limits.


Choices.  These are the things that can either make something a great success or something that you may spend a long time shaking your head and wondering what you were thinking. When it comes to dating and relationships some of these choices were made without really thinking and you later wished you had some clue of what choice to make. Well, we can’t help you with any past decisions but we can offer a few tips to help you identify if the person you are considering spending some time with is really worth the effort.

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Many people keep making the wrong choices time and time again without realizing that the characteristics of the type of person you always choose are eerily similar.  Usually we know this but still hold out hope that this person will change, why should we hope for a change when we can find the right fit now? Physical attributes are not part of the following tips as they are for a completely different conversation. So, rather than looking at the qualities of the people that are wrong for you, let’s identify some of the traits of those who show definite signs of a promising relationship!

One of the key signs of someone who is good relationship material is if they are financially responsible. If their phone is constantly ringing with bill collectors trying to collect a debt the chances of them being irresponsible in other parts of their life is pretty high as well. Anyone can fall on some difficult times but how they deal with it can show a lot about their character.

Another key indication of their character is how they react to situations and people that are different from them? Those that are tolerant of other lifestyles or races and don’t openly mock and put down those that are not like them are generally open-minded about many things including choices that you may make in your life at some point.

Being open-minded is also a great quality and an excellent sign of a promising relationship as in most relationships some conflict or difference of opinion is sure to arise. Being open to discuss other points of view is important in any lasting relationship.

Yours is not the only opinion that counts when looking for those key signs of a good relationship. If your friends and family seem to like the person you are interested in, it is a good indication that the qualities that this person displays are real and noticeable. People tend to want to be around other good people and if friends enjoy their company it is certain they will have no problems inviting you as a couple to any parties or events that your inner circle attends.

Religion is often a tricky subject when it comes to relationships. Although different views on religion are not always deal breakers, it is usually much easier when the two people share similar faiths. But Even if this isn’t the case be open and tolerant of another’s beliefs is a good sign that two people have a stronger path to a good relationship.

If the person you are involved with is divorced or has children from a previous relationship the way he or she deals with that can definitely give you a good idea how they deal with unanticipated consequences. Taking responsibility is an excellent sign that they will take your relationship seriously as well.

Finding the right person for you is not always easy, it’s kind of like looking for a custom fit in an off the world. But, if you just keep your eyes and ears open and notice the things that are important you should be able to find a relationship that is just perfect for you.

Online dating is here to stay and is growing by leaps and bounds. It is no longer just for some occasional entertainment but for real people to make real life connections that may transform into long-term relationships and possibly even marriage. The bottom line is that online dating is probably the most effective method of meeting people to date.

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When men take keyboard and mouse in hand to meet the woman of their dreams there are a few things they need to know, the first is the woman they are chatting with are mostly likely very nervous about meeting a man they don’t actually know. When joining the ranks of the millions of other men who are online dating you need to take the time to let the woman you are interested in feel comfortable enough with you to meet in person. Here are some important things men need to know about successful online dating.

As we mentioned previously, take your time, asking a woman for personal information such as her phone number, address or where she works too soon are sure to get any woman with common sense very nervous. You have a method of contact with her through the dating site so use this until she feels comfortable with you. Don’t push for an in-person meeting, let it happen naturally.  It’s a process, online messages become phone calls and phone calls lead to in person meeting. Let it happen naturally and both of you will be more comfortable about meeting.

Describe yourself as you really are, not how you hope to be or what you think will get the other person to want you. One important thing that men need to know about online dating is that they are MEN! Women will be on guard. Tell the truth about what you look like and what type of career you may have. Lying is the easiest way to push the perfect person for you far out of reach. The truth will always come out, especially if you finally agree to meet and someone she has no idea about shows up.

This whole truth in advertising concept is especially important in the world of online dating yet many men (and women) feel the need to post pictures that are either not actually of them self or are many years old. You’ve lost some hair and gained a few pounds, big frick’n deal! Age and its effects are something that happens to everyone and if you ever plan to meet will become quite evident to the person you were trying to impress. How do you really think it is going to go when you show up looking nothing like your picture that you claimed was recent? Did you really expect that nice woman you were chatting with would overlook the fact that you lied? I really don’t think so. Post lots of pictures or your entire body and clear shots of your faces, include a few of your interests as well as adding some casual dressed and formal ones. This will give a clear portrait of who you really are.

So as your online and phone conversations begin to hint at a real life meeting make sure you offer suggestions that will make her feel at ease. What men need to know about online dating is that making the other person feel comfortable and safe is half the battle. You should be the one to suggest meeting in a very public well-lit place. You may even suggest she bring a friend along. All these little thing will make her feel excited about meeting you, not afraid. These little things will make the experience about getting to know one another, not getting out of there alive!


If you’ve been in a relationship that has gone on for any length of time you know that there are bound to be some rough patches along the way.  Things get said that we don’t always mean and on occasion clothes get thrown out of a third story window, okay that only happened once but I lost my favorite shirt during that particular meltdown. The relationship was still solid but it was just one of those rare and avoidable arguments between two strong willed people. But what if there is more to it than just a rough patch and an avoidable argument, what if there is really a significant underlying problem. The signs your relationship is having some trouble are usually pretty obvious…to everybody else.  So here are some

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warning signs to recognize if your relationship is in trouble. At what point your relationship may not be worth saving is completely up to you, but if you identify a lot of these in your relationship, it may be time to start thinking about trying something different.

Is a major topic of conversation with family and friends about your relationship, and most of the discussion is of a negative tone? This is often one of the early signs that there may be some issues at home that need addressing. This is often accompanied by significant personality change in which you start feeling like your confidence and self-respect has increasingly diminished.

Another key indication that your relationship is in trouble is when you start finding reasons to do activities without your partner. It may be something as ordinary as going to the gym or meeting friends for a cooking class, but the point is that you are becoming more comfortable doing such activities on your own and generally feel stressed when doing these things with your partner.

Have you found that you and your partner are telling little white lies more and more often? Are these little lies becoming of more significance and are now at the point where trust has become a major issue in your relationship? Trust is a key element of any successful relationship.

Signs that your relationship is in trouble usually starts with small things and grows into things that only a marriage counselor or a restraining order can fix. Quite often small things that can be fixed with just a bit of constructive conversation grow into full blow screaming matches for no apparent reason other than the sight and sound of your partner irritates you. Basically things that are for all intents and purposes meaningless give way to intense confrontation.

There comes a point at which these issues become mostly irreversible and often those involved in the relationship tend to find comfort in other people. The phrase “any port in a storm” comes to mind. By this time most have already mentally checked out of the relationship and are just finding ways to cover their butts in regards to finances and personal property. The situation becomes even more complicated and tragic if there are also children involved.

There is a huge difference between identifying the signs that your relationship is in trouble and know how to fix a bad relationship. You also need to think about how to decide if a relationship is worth saving.  These are things that only you can determine but hopefully some the tips on identifying the signs of a bad relationship in this article will help you move forward in a positive and happy way so you can put the sparks back in your relationship.

Couple getting the spark back in there relationship

Quite often relationships are like roller coasters.  Sometimes you are riding high with excitement and anticipation while at other times you may be heading for fast ride to the bottom. Thank goodness people are not roller coasters and there are plenty of ways that you can keep from experiencing that downward spiral and put the joy back into your relationship, or at least slow it down so you can get a better idea of what is causing the problem. We have identified several smile tips to help you regain some of the spark in your relationship and enjoy the time spent with your partner.

In your journey to rediscover all those things that made the two of you fall for each other in the first place let’s remember that relationships are like a double edged sword, one side can give you incredible happiness while the other…well… not so much. So let’s concentrate on the positive aspects and how they can be improved and enhanced.

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If you’ve ever watched television and tuned into the romantic comedies or dramas you’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t go to bed angry.” Although this may be a bit campy it also is a great habit to get into. If you can clear the air about something that is bothering you before you go to bed you can then start the next day free from the heavy weight of whatever was bothering you. It not only frees you from excessive stress but your partner also now knows that something was wrong and the two of you can work on fixing it rather than letting it annoy and grow worse.

Building on what was just mentioned communication is the glue that can take a bad situation and make it possibly better. When couples begin to have problems they often begin to move further apart at a time when they should be trying to get closer. When you are angry or alienated about a particular issue it is vitally important to the relationship to discuss everything in order to keep from slipping into a worse state of mind.

Remember that no one is perfect and at times all of us are going to get into an argument with our partner, the key is that if you are actually at fault own up to it and figure out how to fix it. Arguments are normal and unless you did something so terrible there is usually a fix for it. For those that have done something that cannot be forgiven, at least by your partner, well, hey, you made the choice to do it and must pay the consequences.

Sex is often a great fix for relationships, but the simple act of sex is not the cure, it is merely one step in putting the spark back in your relationship. If your sex lives are purely based on raw animal passion, perhaps it’s time to put a bit more feelings into it and let other emotions control the moment.

In many ways relationship advice is mostly about you. How you deal with your emotions and feelings. No one person should be able to make you something that you are not. You need to be strong so that a relationship can only make you feel better. It should not be able to diminish your self-esteem. You need to be able to determine if your relationship just needs a little boost or there are more serious underlying issues at work. You may not be able to identify this on your own and may want family or friends or even a trained professional to assist.  The point is that there is a spark already burning in your relationship, you just need to figure out the best way to fan it back to full flame!

Commitment phobic men can they commit

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