age gap couple

In most cases, when two people meet, the relationship begins with optimism, fun and new adventures. For many, the prospect of having found the ‘one’ provides gallons of dopamine and a skip or two more in the step. It brightens life and that is an experience worth having. But is it all too often that the mold of what that relationship should look like from an age perspective, is an outcome drafted by the averages of society and the expectation that we should fit neatly inside the catalogue of social norm?

What Makes a Relationship Work

If we look at what the heartbeat of a flourishing relationship, we see that interest in the other person and open communication sits quite high on the podium of creating success. Importance also lies in each person holding on to their individual interests, listening, caring, enjoying the company and fun that each provides to one and other. However, you’ll do very well to find on any list of relationship success tips that both people need to be the same age.  Why is then that this glaringly void statistic still seems to somehow turn up in ‘corridor of whispers’ and the ‘did you hear about’ club, when a relationship interest flourishes with an age gap between them.

Older Men Dating Women Who Are Younger

If we look at the core of what keeps a relationship alive and happy, it’s the continued genuine interest and happiness each provides. So, if research shows that older men who date younger women are happier than those who date older women, that demonstrates what is more important to them, happiness. These men don’t seem to get locked into the trap of aligning to the norm of fulfilling societies obligation that being with someone the same age is obligatory, in fact aligning to where the barometer of ‘what’s normal’ is in fact rather dull, predictable and is wrapped in synthetic acceptance of what is correct.

Let’s look at what some men look for in women, now instead of using the term, older men, we’ll simply use the term, men. Characteristics of an attractive partner are likely to include being fun, energetic, and having a zest for life. Intelligence and humor, and of course, someone who has yet to experience it all. Someone who wants to see more in life has contagious traits that are arguably attractive. And collectively, these traits are often still very much present in our 20’s and 30’s.  This isn’t saying there is an expiry date for fun, it’s just saying the eagerness for it, is more prominent in these decades of our lives.

To find someone who can rekindle these joys would be on the list of many, and its far easier to find them when someone is pulling you back into your younger self. For men, older men, mature men, or however this is deemed, they see younger women as being more energetic and fun than maybe they are themselves and maybe this connection rekindles the enjoyments they’d put into the cupboard for another day while they were busy living in the hazy bubble of life’s ever growing demands

Younger Women Do Find Older Men Attractive

Older, mature men seem to the catch the eye of women younger than themselves. Whilst this may not be on every occasion, it’s certainly more in tune with the woman’s book of attraction than you may think. For women, men with life experience, financial stability, and a catalogue of ‘seen it and done it’s’ are highly appealing. Experience of life comes with astonishing benefits that can quite easily slide into the funnel of provision and security. Once you’ve seen it and done it once, you’ll always be wiser and more experienced in life. Men in the 40’s and above who’ve paid attention to life’s opportunities will nearly always have more presence, life experience, confidence and financial security and this attractive benefit can only come by age. Women tend to be more attracted to men older than themselves for the aforementioned traits, when you think about it, it’s a perfectly understandable list of admirations. The want of stability, experience, and the benefits of being with someone who has passed the test of succeeding down the path once trodden should be on most partner wish lists.

Age Difference Relationships

In the liberalism on each of our lives, age difference relationships should, at very least, lean towards what we are most naturally attracted too. For some, that preferred choice is a partner of the same age, marriage, open marriage, no marriage, the list goes on and on. Some people prefer the simplicity and benefits that come from dating an older guy who has success and life experience under his belt. Is this man a “sugar daddy”? Maybe to some women, he is. After all, a sugar daddy has become highly popularized by the media as the successful, older guy. This type of connection is growing in popularity all the time, and whilst we may label it as relatively new way of being with someone, this relationship concept emerged centuries ago. In fact, this is probably the first type of dating where age was a difference. What was popular then, is still popular now.