Dating has changed a lot through history, especially during the last decade or two. The internet has changed a lot of things, and dating is definitely near the top of that list. But, what about all those small yet significant differences among different cultures? This is where things get really interesting.

Even when we take two seemingly similar cultures and nations like Americans and Brits, those nuanced dissimilarities about dating are worth exploring. The act of trying to find true love is a very tricky one, but also a fun ride! So, let’s see what’s so different about dating in US and UK.

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Modern dating is nothing like the movie Fight Club – we SHOULD talk about it! Like any other social skill, dating is an expertise that can be learned and polished, which is why we decided to provide you with a brand new set of dating rules for 2018.

If you want to be a pro dater, make sure you follow these rules:    

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Don’t go to the movies!

couple watching a movie

Many people have the perception that asking someone out to a movie on a first date is the normal thing to do. You ask if they’d like to grab some dinner and see a movie. We have seen this take place in movies and television throughout the decades, and as such believe that this traditional method works well. It doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it will get you out on the first date, but the chances are that this date might not go as you had planned. The only time that you may want to take this approach and ask someone to the movies on a first date is if they are already a friend, or someone you have known for a long time. Think about what may be awkward about this situation.

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Choosing the right wine for a date is not brain surgery, however it is one of the categories in life where a little knowledge can go a long, long way. Chances are that someone with an uneducated palate or a beginner would not know a great bottle of a very expensive wine from that which could be bought at the local Seven Eleven, the ones with the twist off caps. But connoisseurs of the grape seem to have a grasp on many other things as well.

man choosing wine on first date

When sitting at an elegant or upscale restaurant expect to be approached by the sommelier to inform the table of the wines that are available and what may go with which entrée is being considered. If at such a restaurant and are wondering about choosing the right wine for a date, take advantage of the knowledge and education of the sommelier, as one of his main functions is to provide expert advice to the customers. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to show a lack of wine expertise in front of your date as you will be surprised how quickly both can get involved in the discussion which can make this even a more enjoyable evening and lead to other wine themed outings.

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Women enjoy being wooed when taken out on a date. The wow factor for a first date is always impressive
Going out on a date is not as easy as it may appear to be, there is so much planning and thought that must go into such an endeavor that it can turn your brain into Jell-O. If it happens to be the very first date with an attractive young single woman the stakes are considerably higher and the pressure can be overwhelming. Its not enough any longer to merely pick up your date and take her for a pleasant evening of conversation and a nice meal, you now have to ‘WOW’ this person in order to set yourself apart from the rest of the dating world. If this woman is exceptionally attractive, she most certainly has seen her share of fine restaurants and night clubs and may be looking for something entirely different than what you, and probably the last 20 or 30 dates had thought; after all, she is still on the market, right?

what women want on a first date

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couple on first date asking questions

You have planned everything down to the goodbye kiss. You have scripted everything about how the first date should go, when you will pick her up if you are a man, and what you will be wearing if you are a woman. You are now prepared for any eventuality. The date is going well but then something inside you blurts out a question that could have you both scrambling for cover. It seems that everyone who goes on a first date wants to know answers to many of the same questions, and quite often these questions are asked. The method of delivery however is another story as how you ascertain the answers can make the difference between a pleasant evening and a fork in the eye!

Its important to keep conversation and questions on a first date light and easy, there is nothing worse than someone giving you the third degree about everything under the sun. You are trying to get to know someone so don’t make him or her feel like they are filling out a mortgage application. Phrase your questions that will lead to the answers you seek, but without directly challenging the other person to give a quick and definitive response. So, lets look at some of the ways we can ask first date questions without making it seem like an interview.

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