Choosing the right wine for a date is not brain surgery, however it is one of the categories in life where a little knowledge can go a long, long way. Chances are that someone with an uneducated palate or a beginner would not know a great bottle of a very expensive wine from that which could be bought at the local Seven Eleven, the ones with the twist off caps. But connoisseurs of the grape seem to have a grasp on many other things as well.

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When sitting at an elegant or upscale restaurant expect to be approached by the sommelier to inform the table of the wines that are available and what may go with which entrée is being considered. If at such a restaurant and are wondering about choosing the right wine for a date, take advantage of the knowledge and education of the sommelier, as one of his main functions is to provide expert advice to the customers. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to show a lack of wine expertise in front of your date as you will be surprised how quickly both can get involved in the discussion which can make this even a more enjoyable evening and lead to other wine themed outings.

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If the person my companion is a beginner in the area of wine, this would be an excellent opportunity to take them on a wine tasting adventure. Many fine wine stores will offer wine tasting days in which the novice and expert can try a vast array of wines from different vineyards and countries. If someone is a true novice there is always someone there who can assist and explain the subtleties of each grape. It would also be fun to watch each other spit out the tasted wine as is customary when tasting. In this way, choosing the right wine for a date can turn in to a much more exciting activity and actually become the date itself

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