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In the animal kingdom there are those that lead and those that follow, the primal instinct takes over at times when decisions must be made and pack leaders will emerge to ensure the continuation of the group. In the human world those who exhibit this type of Alpha behavior are usually considered trendsetters or perhaps a successful business man, these kinds of individuals come from all walks of life and can look very different, but they all show the same similar alpha male characteristics.

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While it’s true that in today’s society talk of Alpha behavior usually conjures up images of some of the urban fantasy movies and television shows like “Twilight” and “Vampire Diaries” in which the werewolves are depicted as answering to a pack leader, which is the most powerful position in that type of hierarchy. But if you look at the traits of an alpha male in these shows and in the animal kingdom in general, you eventually find an individual who exudes true confidence. In human society as well this is usually a free thinking man who serves as the go to guy to take charge of situations and make certain all is right with the universe.

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A loving relationship does not depend on finding a good life partner who is in a power position, it just depends on that person understanding the needs of others and is occasionally willing to compromise on certain issues. True confidence, which is one of the key traits of an alpha male would allow him to consider the needs of others and act accordingly. Successful businessman, much like the pack leaders of the animal kingdom lead by relying on their primal instincts to make the right decisions. This instinctive ability separates true men of quality from the many phonies who talk a good game but lack the capability or talent possessed by the alpha male. So how do we identify these men amongst men?

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Alpha male body language is one of those alpha male characteristics that once seen can easily be understood. A free thinking man with true confidence displays this in how he walks, stands or even when he is merely relaxing. Women interpret this as a sign that this person can protect and provide for them. If we put aside any notions of this being an antiquated and sexist philosophy we can actually see that these male primal instincts are instilled in men over thousands of years. Nature in its infinite wisdom has put in place various safeguards aimed at ensuring that those best suited for survival will pass their genes on to the next generation. This however has met with great opposition in modern times as we have seen flaws in this way of thinking via television shows and movies involving the cast of “JackAss”.

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It’s not always simple to determine which men in your life are truly looking for a loving relationships. It’s even harder to find one who combines that feature with true confidence and the willingness to do anything it takes to provide for your emotional and financial support. These men are trendsetters, leaders and men in powerful positions who like a consummate business man can handle almost any situation that arises without ever leaving his comfort zone. We look for these types by understanding how to identify alpha male characteristics and then holding on for the ride of our lives!

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