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“Chase a dog and it runs away, run from a dog and it chases you.” This short but peculiar statement actually translates well into the dating world and goes far beyond the immediate satisfaction of merely physical attraction but goes to the intuitive emotional attraction which makes an individual crave another for no truly tangible reasons. Since men are truly visual creatures it’s sometimes difficult to understand why many will often avoid a truly attractive woman in pursuit of someone whose physical attributes maybe a bit less evident.

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What does it mean to be emotionally attracted to someone? Well, in extreme examples some have said that it is like quitting smoking and then having someone blowing smoke in your face, you desire it so much that it can feel like an addiction that can only be satisfied by that person. Now that is a severe instance but you get the idea.

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Emotional attraction triggers are healthiest when based on positive emotions and not brought about by emotions stirred by past relationships. In understanding how to create emotional attraction with a man it is important to understand what men want a relationship, especially a committed relationship find most important in a women, beyond attractiveness.

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In today’s society men want someone that they can count on to be there for them and for themselves. In difficult times a woman that is self-sufficient can ease quite a bit of stress that can often present itself in a relationship. By being able to take care of herself, her partner may not feel as responsible or awkward should things get tough. It may not seem like much but many men feel this is an incredibly attractive characteristic of a woman and can create a very tight emotional attraction when combined with other positive emotions. Confidence in a woman would also fall into this area as this too displays strength and the ability to fend for one’s self.

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Another of those key emotional attraction triggers is found in the woman that may be mysterious or elusive. This brings out feelings of curiosity in most men. It’s like a puzzle that they just can’t quite figure out. Most romantic men can be completely thrown off guard by a combination of physical attraction and a certain woman’s unpredictability. This is where it gets a bit tricky trying to understand that much of what triggers emotional attraction are the things that a man can’t figure out, or is unwilling to discuss. For these visual creatures, that which is un-seeable is confusing, and thereby desirable.

Emotional attraction signs are very evident if you know what to look for. Basically, look for that Deer caught in the headlights look that most men would prefer a woman not see. It may start out as little subconscious spark and develops into a blaze that could rival the sun. It’s a craving that can only be quenched by being with the object of that desire.

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