When it comes to a single woman envisioning a secure man, one of two things comes to her mind: he is financially secure and stable or he is secure and confident in whom he is. If she really lucks out, a woman could hypothetically find a man that is secure in both senses of the word. But what is the big attraction about dating a secure man? Well, if you are a single girl, there are plenty of reasons to seek a man like this out.

secure men

With all the day to day chaos of life in general, there is something very reassuring for a single woman to know that her man is financially solid. Financial stability provides for a sense of predictability and routine; something a lot of women thrive on. The idea of being with a man that can provide for not only her, but a future family is a very desirable notion. Given the choice between a man that is secure financially and one that is struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, single women will undoubtedly choose the successful man time and time again. Building a relationship takes work and having the strain of financial instability can detract from establishing that close connection.

There is something sexy and alluring about a man who is very secure in who he is and what he wants out of life. When a single woman encounters such a man, she is quick to strike up a conversation and learn more about his goals and his dreams for the future. A lot of women are born planners and meeting a man who has a plan and direction in his life is a desirable trait. A man that is secure in who he is one that carries himself confidently and this confidence shines through in all he does. Single women are drawn to men that are charismatic and being confident plays a critical role in charisma

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