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Most relationships are like a roller coaster, they have their high points and low points, and the key is knowing what to do when your relationship gets boring or mundane. Now before you start to get a bit crazy about this you need to understand that we are not talking about a boring sex life. The physical part of a relationship is much easier to fix than the part of your relationship that takes place outside of the bedroom.

Throw in some sex toys and naughty moments and most couples can survive that part of their relationship. But what happens when the two of you are just bored with each other? Your life may seem to be your own personal version of the movie “Groundhog Day” with every day seemingly just like the one before it, with no change in sight. Here are some e wonderful ways that you may be able to really spice up your relationship outside the bedroom.

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Spicing up your sex life is a great short term fix, but what is going to improve your relationship for the other twenty three and a half hours a day (I’m a guy, so hush!). In order to save your relationship and improve life in general, try going back to the beginning and remember what brought the two of you together in the first place. Quite often people get into a rut or routine which takes them away from the things they enjoy. Let’s face it, if you are not happy in your daily life, there is a pretty good chance your partner is having similar issues, but most often neither individual will either identify the cause or bring it to a conversation.

How did the two of you meet? Was it at an outdoors activity or perhaps on an online dating site where you both stated that you enjoy the same hobby or interest? Go back to those similar interests and start enjoying them together. The key word here is together. By going out and doing things with one another you are rebuilding the foundation that brought you together in the first place, but this time you can use your familiarity and comfort with each other to spice it up a bit and take that interest to new levels.

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It really is not a huge concern what the activity is as long as you do it together, and the big difference between the activities today, and the same activities when you first got together is that you can now enhance those pursuits, perhaps extending it to a long weekend or even adding a romantic personal massage or joint shower if it was a particularly strenuous activity.

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Romantic gestures that may have been premature after just a few dates may be just what the doctor ordered at this point in the relationship. Although using sex to spice up a failing romance may not be the best idea by itself, combining it with those things that brought you to each other in the first place without the anxiety that could’ve been present at the beginning is very effective in jump starting a relationship in which the spark is dying. The bedroom is not the key, the quality time together is.

Just remember, that you need some ember or spark to still be hot enough to ignite a boring relationship. Without similar interests and a glimmer of hope, you may as well rip the Band-Aid off and move on.

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