well dressed mature man

What is considered to be an older male, one year, two years or perhaps 5 years or 10 plus, what that age gap should be?! For some reason the notion of older man is accompanied by certain visual characteristics, silver fox hair, well defined wrinkles, a mysterious aura, just like you’ll see in “the most interesting man in the world” or Richard Gere. They don’t just look it, they act it, they live it, they breath it.


“A such” relationship does come with certain benefits as well as detriments and it isn’t for everyone. The suitable older partner will surely bring maturity, mentorship, experience to the relationship. For ladies that are into that silver fox and wrinkles combo, an older look is most certainly an imposing appearance. It’s about the confidence they emanate, it is appealing, something that attracts women to older men. A distinguished look that makes a person that possesses these exterior qualities a target. Older men possess defined looks and musculature, quite a posture.

join nowBut it isn’t just the looks that define an older gentleman. Wisdom comes with age they say, older is wiser. It is easy to find a mentor in an older partner. Why not indulge in his knowledge and learn from him. Age brings experience too. Be that in the affairs of love, courtship, business, work, personal life. Romantic nights, walks under the moonlight, unexpected picnics, restaurants, opera, ballet, all, that requires an acquired taste, comes with age.

Older gentleman and financial stability, belong together, and it works well for these higher caliber hobbies or entertainment, and / or a girlfriend. When an older gentleman reverts his attention towards a younger woman, his emotional state is “available”, they have already learned all the tricks that a brain can play with us and know how to control them. But as with everything else in this world, it is a two way street, sometimes women need to attract an older man, themselves.

woman with older man

For a single woman, just out of a bad relationship, a gentleman of that stature is like an ailment. There is nothing to be ashamed of, it is most certainly something to long for.  Engaging in a non-committed relationship in that case will only bring positivity to someone’s life, and “NEWness”, perhaps even leading into a long term relationship. Sometimes getting involved with an older gentleman becomes a stage of renewal. A relationship with an older, established gentleman should be perceived as a positive experience, and an adjustment mode. Attraction to older men isn’t a vice or a fetish, it’s a personal preference or experience. Sometimes stepping outside the comfort zone, brings that longed for comfort, and what is happiness if not comfort?! Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Writer and consultant for Sugardaddie.com