With the holiday season quickly approaching you will undoubtedly be going to all kinds of parties thrown by friends, employers and whomever else wants to celebrate this time of year with a crowd of strangers! This is not only a great time of year to gain some weight on the free food and drink but to make some new acquaintances and perhaps even someone special. For some, meeting new people can be a bit nerve wracking, after all, walking up to a complete stranger and introducing yourself is not that easy if you don’t know what to say. But don’t worry, there are some great tips to remember that will make you seem more like an old friend than a stalker when delivering these surefire ice-breakers.

Starting a conversation on your own is quite a bit different than being introduced to someone by a friend or co-worker. Introductions are simple when you have a wingman to catch you when you are about to crash and burn, but when you see someone you just have to meet across the room, you are completely on your own, and if you have nothing to talk about, well, it can be truly terrifying. But wait, all is not lost! If you have been watching (not stalking!) that person for a little while you are sure to have picked up a few clues about what that person likes or even just something they are wearing that can be turned into epic conversation starter.

The most insignificant little bobble such as a piece of jewelry representing their favorite sport or maybe a tiny tattoo that is barely visible can be just the conversation starter you need to open the door to possibly more.  A bracelet or necklace with a pair of skis on it can be the start of a conversation about your favorite places to ski or a tattoo of Scuba Diving flag can also be the same kind of conversation starter.  The point is that by just paying a bit of attention you can learn a lot about a person, enough to get into a discussion that doesn’t seem like you are hitting on them.

Almost anything can be a conversation starter if you are patient and you are perceptive. Do not try and start a conversation using these methods when there is clearly no basis for the conversation. This just makes you look desperate and creepy. The best and most surefire way to begin a conversation, especially during the holiday season is merely by smiling. A happy person is like a magnet and more often than not others will start the conversation for you. A happy smile and a holiday glint in your eyes is usually all you really need to make a connection.

Writer and consultant for Sugardaddie.com