It is said that times are changing, but not as much as people’s attitudes are!
No longer is there the question of the morality of women dating for money. She is no longer considered a gold digger, but someone who utilizes her “assets and wares” to get what she wants by dating and possibly marrying generous rich, wealthy men, those things she may never attain on her own. And these wealthy men are more than happy to afford such luxuries to them, especially affluent older generous men who enjoy the aspect of having a young, attractive woman on their arm, to be their eye and arm candy so to speak. Dating for money is mutually beneficial to all parties without any stigma attached. It is an equitable win-win relationship!

dating for money

We are living in the hustle bustle digital 21st century and no longer have the time or patience to find what we are seeking in bars, or blind dates. We know what we want, and specialized, niche internet dating sites have made it much easier for women to find and date generous, men. And for the men, it is easy to peruse the profiles of eligible women’s photos to see who strikes their fancy.

If it is socially acceptable for wealthy men to be seen with attractive younger women as a status symbol, without anyone making crude comments, then why not the female, who cannot afford the luxuries rich generous men can easily provide for her, or to furnish her with opportunities that could take a lifetime to achieve. It is an equal playing field apropos for the time.
Not surprising that many marriages have resulted from sites such as this, as it allows the relationship to go both ways on equal understandings. That is to say, when dating for money everyone gets what they so desire, be it just dating, or marriage!

Remember ladies what your mothers taught you…
“It is just as easy to marry a wealthy man as it is to marry a poor one.”
Aren’t you glad you listened!
Momma knows best.

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