Online dating is here to stay and is growing by leaps and bounds. It is no longer just for some occasional entertainment but for real people to make real life connections that may transform into long-term relationships and possibly even marriage. The bottom line is that online dating is probably the most effective method of meeting people to date.

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When men take keyboard and mouse in hand to meet the woman of their dreams there are a few things they need to know, the first is the woman they are chatting with are mostly likely very nervous about meeting a man they don’t actually know. When joining the ranks of the millions of other men who are online dating you need to take the time to let the woman you are interested in feel comfortable enough with you to meet in person. Here are some important things men need to know about successful online dating.

As we mentioned previously, take your time, asking a woman for personal information such as her phone number, address or where she works too soon are sure to get any woman with common sense very nervous. You have a method of contact with her through the dating site so use this until she feels comfortable with you. Don’t push for an in-person meeting, let it happen naturally.  It’s a process, online messages become phone calls and phone calls lead to in person meeting. Let it happen naturally and both of you will be more comfortable about meeting.

Describe yourself as you really are, not how you hope to be or what you think will get the other person to want you. One important thing that men need to know about online dating is that they are MEN! Women will be on guard. Tell the truth about what you look like and what type of career you may have. Lying is the easiest way to push the perfect person for you far out of reach. The truth will always come out, especially if you finally agree to meet and someone she has no idea about shows up.

This whole truth in advertising concept is especially important in the world of online dating yet many men (and women) feel the need to post pictures that are either not actually of them self or are many years old. You’ve lost some hair and gained a few pounds, big frick’n deal! Age and its effects are something that happens to everyone and if you ever plan to meet will become quite evident to the person you were trying to impress. How do you really think it is going to go when you show up looking nothing like your picture that you claimed was recent? Did you really expect that nice woman you were chatting with would overlook the fact that you lied? I really don’t think so. Post lots of pictures or your entire body and clear shots of your faces, include a few of your interests as well as adding some casual dressed and formal ones. This will give a clear portrait of who you really are.

So as your online and phone conversations begin to hint at a real life meeting make sure you offer suggestions that will make her feel at ease. What men need to know about online dating is that making the other person feel comfortable and safe is half the battle. You should be the one to suggest meeting in a very public well-lit place. You may even suggest she bring a friend along. All these little thing will make her feel excited about meeting you, not afraid. These little things will make the experience about getting to know one another, not getting out of there alive!

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