Truth or Dare Questions To Ask a Guy

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Have you ever been on a date and were confused about what kinds of questions you should ask the guy you are with? These questions are a great way to not only break the ice, but also help a lot in getting to know someone quicker, and perhaps even more intimately. There are some questions that are appropriate for a first date while others should wait until you get to know them just a bit better, but only you will know how comfortable you are at that point in the dating process. Technology has also helped by allowing you to ask truth questions for guys you like over text to give them time to think it over.

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You have to make this activity fun or it can seem to some like the Spanish Inquisition, so add into these questions some zany antics, turning it into a dating version of “truth or dare.” This is also a lot of fun with more than one couple playing the game such as on a date night or group get together, but again matching the comfort level of all involved to the questions or dares is key to a fun evening that doesn’t end in a trip to the emergency room or bail bondsman.

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So let’s try and come up with a few truth or dare questions and activities that are not only fun, but can be a great ice breaker that will put everyone at ease…mostly. These questions and dares actually serve a purpose, the responses can often tell you much about a person and the dares, well, you can just take a selfie and have some great blackmail material. Oh, and those flirty truth questions to ask a guy, well, best to ask those without other company around!

1. If you could choose your dream job, what would it be?
This is a great question for truth or dare as it gives you some insight into his thought process. There are the realistic answers and those that are a dream for him and a potential nightmare for you. Ambition and motivation can be revealed by this question.

2. In books or movies, which character does he most identify with?
This question should give you some insight into what kind of soul he has, there is a big difference between “The Terminator” and “Christian Grey”. Does he crave adventure or is he more of a romance type of guy? This tells you not only who he is, but who he may want to be.

3. Is there a picture of you floating around the Internet that embarrasses you?
This is a question that can serve two purposes. It can lighten the moment should the previous questions get too intense and it can enlighten you as to the level of foolishness you can expect. If you text this truth or dare question to a guy and you receive “said” picture in return, you may have to wonder about why he still keeps it handy!

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There are plenty of other flirty truth or dare questions you can ask a guy that will produce responses which will definitely give you additional insight into that guy. They can get more intense such as the infamous “have you ever cheated on someone” or why did you break up with your last girlfriend”, but at some point make him choose a dare that will be certain to be silly and break up any building anxiety brought on by the truth or dare questions. Public spontaneous dancing to the next song you hear is always a great way to lighten the moment, as well as allow you to see just how far he might go to see you smile!

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