Living on the beach I am never at a loss for the viewing pleasures of the female form. I have seen almost every size and shape of bodies, both young and old in minimal states of coverage. When it comes to boobs I am in constant awe at the shapes and sizes, as well as the symmetry that can be achieved by some very talented cosmetic surgeons. But I always wonder when it comes to boobs in general, do men prefer natural or fake breasts?

fake or natural boobs

Before we discuss the actual feel of fake boobs versus real ones, let’s look at the visual appeal from a few different aspects. Let’s first be honest, a woman with nice breasts that seem to defy the laws of gravity will almost always get more attention than the one whose boobs seem to look like the aftermath of a mudslide or avalanche. Even small boobs can get their share of attention when they are high on the perky scale but whether real or fake breasts that fill out that little black dress that every woman has in her closet will really be noticed. It just so happens however that fake breasts have a habit of filling these out much better and for many more years than their god given counterparts, so from an appearance point of view if asked do men prefer natural or fake breasts? From an appearance point of view the answer is almost always a preference for surgically enhanced shape and cup size.

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They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and that everyone may have a different opinion on what is visually attractive, but when it comes to the issue of breasts the sense of sight may have competition with the sense of touch. Many men love to look at women with breast implants and for many of these men, the bigger the better. But once the lights go down and the fun begins many of these men are often turned off by the actual feel of the breast implants.

Fake Breasts

Most men are very open about this subject and the majority of them feel that although fake breasts look great, nothing compares to the actually feel of natural boobs. The puzzling part is that for most women the visual effect of fake breasts can be achieved by the use of a push up bra or some type of in the shirt type of padding, at least from a few yards away. Obviously, the really large implants cannot be replicated by a clever choice of bra, but those type of big boobs are usually desired by ladies in some type of adult entertainment careers or those with self-esteem issues.

So, when asking the question of whether men prefer natural or fake breasts the answer is relatively easy. Who cares what the men think, they are not the ones going in for surgery to change their bodies, if it makes such a difference to them, tell them that you will go for breast enlargement only if they will go for penis enhancement. You will then see how quickly they like you just the way you are!

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