‘Tis the season to be Jolly,’ and with Thanksgiving just days away which will lead into the holiday and gift giving season, Sugarbabies are preparing their Black Friday wish lists in hopes that Saint Sugar daddy will start off the holiday season with a few choice trinkets! Black Friday Wish lists are very special for the women who have a Sugar daddy, but for these men, a Sugarbabie black Friday wish list can leave them very much in the red!

black friday

The women who have wealthy men looking after them throughout the year have a window of opportunity from Thanksgiving to New year’s day to either solidify their relationship or get out of it what they can before their Sugar daddy moves on to greener (or younger) pastures. This means that the day after Thanksgiving the Sugar babie black Friday wish list can set the tone for the rest of the year. Although Christmas time usually comes with more sentimental gifts, a well-played Black Friday can actually be a bonanza of wealth for a smart Sugar baby.

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Since very few Sugardaddies will wait on a line at 5am on the day after Thanksgiving, the smart girl will have her Sugardaddie black Friday wish list already prepared and maybe even set up in an online shopping cart at her favorite store. This not only saves time but it gives the wealthy gentleman less time to think about what he is doing and the sugarbaby will be enjoying her goodies long before his buyer’s remorse sets in.

The Sugar baby Black Friday wish list should not be at jewelry stores as those types of items are best left for Christmas when a few choice pieces can set the tone for the next year, and let’s not forget Valentine’s Day is only in February. Electronics and Travel are great items to place on any Sugarbabies black Friday wish list as the Sugardaddy will assume he will get to take part in the use of such items, and in a stable relationship it is very likely, but for now, the knowledgeable Sugarbaby must grab what she can in the event the relationship takes a holiday season turn for the worse.

Okay, most people don’t get into a relationship just looking to cash in and get out, but which of us doesn’t always want something special during the holiday season. A 70” flat screen television may not be the perfect present on a Sugarbabie’s black Friday wish list, but something like that is a heck of way to begin the holiday season! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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