“Why Big Boobs alone don’t always get the desired results”
Have you ever tried to understand what you notice first about women? So you walk into a cafe or nightclub and there are a crowd of girls sauntering around, what is the first thing you notice about them? Many men find it difficult to recognize the important things or have a misguided view of what is the first thing men notice about women. This article will help you understand not only what is natural to notice first but what you need to observe to decide if you should ask a woman out.

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If you are looking just to hook up then after determining how to approach an attractive woman you don’t really need to pay much attention to what is written. After-all, if you only have one thing on your mind, anything beyond that doesn’t really matter. So for those who want to date or have a relationship with an attractive woman you must journey past the first thing men notice about women, attractiveness, and move to those things of substance.

If you are hoping for a relationship then you really want to know if the woman you are interested in is actually available to date. Guys do this in many ways and of course the easiest is by paying attention to their jewelry. A woman in a committed relationship usually wears something that indicates a spouse or boyfriend. The wedding ring is the obvious indicator but a necklace, bracelet or even an article of clothing can tell if a woman is available. You just need to be observant without being a stalker.

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If you are close enough and can overhear her conversation with her friends you can kill two birds with one stone, her personality and intelligence will become quite evident. Personality and intelligence are two factors that can easily turn casual dating into a relationship. Dating intelligent women or dating women with great personalities is what chemistry is built on.

Another important trait in the first thing that men notice about women is how adventurous a woman is without being dangerous or stupid. Leaving with you from a club after only meeting you a short time earlier is both dangerous and stupid and most men will consider this a red flag for future dating possibilities. But heading down to the beach with a group of people you know and doing some midnight skinny dipping is a bit different. Women that enjoy rock climbing, scuba diving or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes show that they are open to excitement and if you feel the same way about life this could be a great match.

Yes, almost all men spot looks first, but when trying to decide what the first thing men notice about women that is beyond the obvious and can actually take you past the first hour of meeting someone, are the things that determine if there is potential for merely a hookup or a real relationship.

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