Not everyone is supermodel thin, and the truth is that when the layers of fine clothing and lingerie are peeled away and the make-up is removed, many men are turned off by what is left. Don’t get me wrong, these women are still attractive and enjoy flawless features, but most men seem to prefer dating a woman with a bit more substance. In other words, being a bit overweight is not necessarily a bad thing, but where does average end and obese begin? For the most part, men prefer non-overweight women, but a bit more substance does not mean wearing a belt size that reads “equator”. Just ask any male to tell you about the girl he dreams about and there is a good chance she will not be overweight. When most men are asked to rate a woman, those getting the highest scores are not those that are model thin, but those that fill out their clothes best or have an air of sexual suggestiveness to them.

How a man looks at a woman is very subjective. Most people, when they pass each other on the street or at a favorite nightspot do not first think, “Hey, I bet she has a really nice personality”. It’s much more probable that the first thing that comes to mind is “Holy crap! Look at that ass!” But let’s assume the woman is just about average or a few lbs over that perception. It may take longer to get into a meaningful conversation with that woman, but once and interaction starts, it becomes more about personality and compatibility. At this point men’s perception of a woman’s weight is more about personal taste in regards to the extent of excess body fat.

Peer Pressure actually plays more of a role in a man’s sensitivity of whether or not a woman is overweight than the bathroom scale, as many men do not want to be called a ‘chubby chaser’ by their friends. The overweight prejudice is a relatively recent trend as in centuries past an overweight woman was perceived as more suitable for child bearing. It is only since the media has grown so powerful that such an impact on public perception of weight, that ultra thin models have unfairly become the standard against what all women are measured. It is like saying a man is less of a man because he is short, unfortunately a person cannot get taller, but they can lose weight. Taller and thinner have become what we outwardly notice about others first.

Overweight women do not suffer from a lack of physical intimacy because of their weight; they are just as likely to have as much sex as their thinner counterparts, perhaps even more. Men seem to also truly enjoy the aspects of a relationship that don’t involve sex, such as spending time with someone who has common interests and is easy to talk to. Thin women can have these characteristics as well, but as studies show, thin is usually in the minority!

In all relationships, very rarely is everything perfect and there are always compromises that need to be made. But if you are the kind of person who is always looking for a bigger and better deal, then you may not feel comfortable with a slightly overweight woman. If you are physically not attracted to the woman then you should think twice about getting involved as it is not only going to keep you wondering if you could have done better, but it is certainly not fair to her as well. Remember, there are far more significant factors in life than weight.


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