Dating right with astrology signs


How much criteria is really necessary when deciding if you should put in the time and effort needed to determine whether there is indeed some probability that the person you are dating is actually a good fit for you? With all the search criteria used on most online dating sites, one that keeps many people entertained is that of Horoscope Compatibility. It may be difficult for many people to think of birth signs as a determining factor when entering the dating scene but there are those who will not make a move without their stars being properly aligned. The question they are actually asking is if the horoscope dates in which a person is born is accurate in determining not just a person’s personality characteristics but also romantic compatibility.

The practice of depending on birth signs to guide one’s actions is nothing new. Even before the invention of the Internet with online dating sites using horoscope dates to match members, newspapers and other forms of media have regularly put forth predictions based on astrological signs.  The most common forecasts are those involving finances and relationships based on these horoscope signs. You just have to sit back and think about this for a bit to really understand why people put so much faith in birth signs. It comes down to faith. People who believe in horoscope compatibility are really no different than those who follow a particular religion.  There really is no empirical data confirming either one, although pundits of each would argue differently. The point of the matter is that there are those who steadfastly follow that religion or will only date those with compatible zodiac signs.

“Luscious Libra looking for Laughing Leo” is a possible opening line that someone using the theory of compatible zodiac signs to find a partner might use. Okay, I have no idea if there is any cosmic or zodiac compatibility associated with those birth signs or if those two types of individuals will end up applying for restraining orders or marriage licenses, but it’s at least fun to think about.

You can have a lot of fun by going to one of the many sites on the Internet that mix and match horoscope signs to determine their potential zodiac compatibility. Then log onto your favorite dating site and tactfully get into a conversation about birth signs. By doing this you can look up what the various combinations of you and another might be, in just a few seconds!

Birth signs and horoscope compatibility are not the defining factor in determining whether a relationship will work out or not, but it is very entertaining and you never really know what the stars may have in store for you. Having mutual goals and ideals seems to me to be just as important as compatible zodiac signs, but then again, maybe the reason for these mutual goals is actually written in the stars!

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