woman standing by her man

The term Sugadaddie has been used to describe a relationship that implies a slightly older gentlemen willing to enter into an ongoing relationship with younger attractive ladies in which the man may assist the woman financially.. Of course we all know that there is more often than not a physical element to this plot, but the emotional component has come to mean much more, yet it is quite often overlooked. Wealthy and powerful men can quite easily find a younger, attractive woman to be there so-called “arm candy”, the tenure of most of these girls is usually quite short and there is always a newer and more intriguing product always coming along. So what is it that makes one woman a Sugarbabe and another a true relationship? The answer is all in what she gives back.

Attractive women are a dime a dozen to the affluent male, but one who understands his needs outside of the bedroom and assists in lessening his burden is worth her weight in gold. Most of the very attractive women who are searching for a Sugardaddie are just asking the question “what can he do me?” There is little support for what this gentleman goes through or how she can assist in a variety of ways especially by being supportive. For a real relationship to develop both parties must understand and believe the other person is supportive of their decisions and goals. Successful men can find sex anywhere but to find a woman who stands by him is rare. We as men understand that you can pretend to be supportive, and that manipulation is merely part of the game most Sugarbabes play in order to get what they want. But we are not always that stupid and do not only think with something other than our brains. Whether it is our career or hobbies or anything else, support of, and motivation to continue those pursuits and possibly even sharing in them, quite frequently turns the short term into the long.

Most successful men are juggling many things at one time, whereas the Sugarbabe may consider scheduling lunch appointments and pedicures to be most overwhelming.  The Sugarbabe can lose sight of the fact that what the wealthy man juggles can have major effects on the future, and a continued affluent lifestyle. It is for these reasons that she not only be supportive in his endeavors, but takes on some of the burden. This can take the form of merely assisting in organizing his down time, which in turn can be used to strengthen their relationship. Countless women fail to remember that building relationships requires both parties to pitch in, and if not providing the wealth she must become part of the foundation that the relationship is built upon.

Being supportive does come with its own perils. First you must determine if the support you offer is genuine or you are just going along with him to avoid rocking the boat. False votes of confidence usually lead to arguments and ultimately to separation. You also must be strong enough to speak your mind honestly, offer support to someone when you sincerely feel the project or endeavor is wrong or unwise is not doing anyone justice. You are there to provide not only support but an honest opinion as well. Again, rich and powerful men really don’t have much trouble finding suitable sexual liaisons, but finding someone who they can trust and open up to while enhancing stability can make a Sugarbaby into a wife

Writer and consultant for Sugardaddie.com