To delve into the question of “What makes the perfect girlfriend” we must first understand men in general, and what their needs and expectations are.

First off, men are hardwired to be visual creatures, while women find “attractiveness” on a more emotional level. Finding a girlfriend is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Finding the perfect girlfriend can be next to impossible!! Remember, it takes two to tango! In a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, it is not just you, and not just her.

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It is the both of you working in unison. Besides the guys being visual, they are also attracted to smell. Not necessarily her body smell, but by the smell of her perfume. And there is nothing like a certain particular fragrance that she wears (her signature fragrance so to speak) which is ingrained in your brain, and makes you immediately think of her. And what‘s wrong with your gal smelling amazing for you anyhow? And of course there must be physical attraction.

You want to feel proud when you walk with her and to feel like everyone is watching the two of you in envy. Men have a need to feel loved, and to be told that they are loved. Men see the perfect girlfriend as someone who exudes a positive, upbeat attitude. Men do not like drama or nagging, and will quickly shy away from a woman who casts that kind of demeanor. Men also have a desire that their perfect girlfriend likes his friends. This is extremely important because there is nothing much worse than you friends not being liked by your girlfriend. It is even worse if she creates drama about it by nagging you.

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If she is to be your “perfect girlfriend”, she must be a better lover than he has ever had in his life. That’s right folks, she has to be damn good in bed! It is very important for her to compliment the boyfriend on his intimate endeavor. She must know how to say and do the right thing for her man.

The greater the sexual performance, the closer the two of you will be. That’s a fact!

The girl has to figure out what turns her man on sexually, and to fulfill all his dreams and fantasies. It’s what the perfect girlfriend does.

One might ask, in all fairness, does money influence attaining the perfect girlfriend or the type of girlfriend the guy wishes for? Well, in some cases, the answer is a definite Yes. Women, pretty or not, are brought up that, “Looks fade with time, and it is just as easy to marry a rich man as it is to marry a poor one”.

It is also true not all affluent men are rugged and handsome. And, if not for being well off, would never get a good looking girlfriend, let alone, the perfect girlfriend. It becomes, in this scenario, a give and take deal, which can work well for both parties concerned. Lastly, would, and should, a girl have plastic surgery, in order for her to become what makes the perfect girlfriend. That depends on how important the relationship is both sides.

This writer personally feels that while plastic surgery can be a great enhancement to certain “imperfections”, I do not believe that she should do it strictly to please him! Plastic surgery cannot be undone. She has to be ok with that thought. Doing it for the wrong reason can and will hurt, on both physical and emotional levels. However, to be what makes the perfect girlfriend, she will do it. For after having achieved this she will do whatever it takes to maintain that status!

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