The answer to the question of “Do women really marry for money” is… more interesting than you would think!
When polled in a survey, one quarter of the women stated they would definitely marry a man for his money, and although there was certain qualities that these women were looking for in a man, money and financial gain was their criteria, basically stating that women love money at least as much as the men who possess it.

marrying for money

We all have our reasons for tying the knot, and love is no longer at the top of the list. Many times women have great material desire and, without the financial support from their husbands, would never attain it on their own. So one of the qualities in a man that women look for is definitely wealth.

Although the act of marriage between two people is one of being in love, it should not be the only reason. Let us be a bit practical on the notion. There is an old saying that “it is just as easy to marry a rich man as it is to marry a poor man”. Love and money make a good partnership in a marriage. Kissing a loser frog will not turn him into a Prince no matter how much you may try. And since a quarter of women would marry for money, that would a lot of frogs to kiss.

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Men love money, so why shouldn’t women also love money as well?

One of the greatest reasons for marital problems is not because of having money, but due to the lack of it!
While marriage is a union between two people, people are still individuals. A woman who desires materialistic things in life and who doesn’t marry a wealthy husband may never achieve those things.

Many marriages today are out of convenience. That does not mean the couple doesn’t love each other, but in the working arena, women make less money than their male counterparts do. Then, there is the old adage of “in a marriage, it is the husband’s role and responsibility, to provide for his wife. For less educated women, who find it hard to get a job on their own that will pay all the bills, marrying for money is a good solution to solving that dilemma? A marriage of love and money can’t be beat, as it is without the pitfalls that become reality without.

So, do women really marry men for money?
YES, and for all sorts of reason.
And all reasons are valid when you are that person.

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